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JMP Diversity Fund

In order to help meet the future healthcare needs of California, we are committed to recruit a student body that reflects the demographics of the state. Gifts to the JMP Diversity Fund support the critical need for the JMP to attract underrepresented in medicine (UIM) students to our program. The JMP has partnered with The California Endowment to start this fund. Our goal is to grow the fund so that the annual interest can support the equivalent of one full-time tuition for all 2.5 years of the JMP for UIM students and those who are first to college in their families.

Give to the JMP Diversity Fund

JMP Student Scholarship and Services Fund

Gifts to the JMP Student Scholarship and Services Fund support critical efforts that directly benefit current students and include:

  • Student scholarships and awards
  • Teaching technologies and innovation
  • Student research projects
  • Alumni community building events
  • Student activities including retreats, workshops, participation in conferences and poster presentations, and special projects
  • Kevin Mack Medical Education Leadership Support Fund

This fund supports outstanding JMP faculty members in creating and implementing pioneering medical education initiatives.

Give to the JMP Student Scholarship and Services Fund