Summer Minor in Global Public Health

For UC Berkeley Undergraduate Students

The Summer Minor in Global Public Health program explores health-related issues affecting populations in the United States and worldwide. Students complete courses covering a range of disciplines and methods relevant to promoting and protecting human health, emerging health issues, and healthcare systems.

This program enhances students’ preparation for careers in the dynamic, growing field of public health, including clinical graduate training. Students learn strategies for addressing emerging population health issues locally and globally.

The minor can serve as a precursor to further study in public health, other health professions, or any fields in which the health of persons and populations is a relevant concern. The summer minor can augment and enhance many different undergraduate bachelor degree programs and prepare students for professional and academic careers. In addition, public health is of interest for its own sake, as a component of a rigorous liberal arts education.

The summer minor is available to UC Berkeley undergraduate students who are not intending to major in public health. Non-UC Berkeley students can complete the same curriculum as a part of the Certificate in Global Public Health Program.


The Summer Minor in Global Public Health curriculum consists of three required core courses and two elective courses. The courses are taken over two consecutive six-week summer sessions. Some courses are only offered in the summer, or are restricted to or prioritized for public health majors during the academic year.

Go to the Curriculum for the Summer Minor / Certificate in Global Public Health Programs page for a complete list of required and elective courses.


Students who complete the minor can enhance their preparation to pursue careers and jobs in public health departments, hospitals and health systems, health policy, community health settings, non-profit organizations, consulting firms and health related start-ups and private companies. The program can also strengthen student preparation for clinical careers, including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, optometry, physician assisting, and mental health and/or graduate degrees in public health, public policy, business, social work, law and city planning.

Even if not used directly in a professional setting or graduate program, the multidisciplinary approach of public health will provide students with a broader understanding of the world and tools to engage and influence their surroundings.

Scholarship Information

Some students who are enrolled in the minor may be eligible for certain scholarships. Go to the undergraduate section of the Berkeley Public Health Fellowships, Scholarships and Awards page for more information.

Kimberly Henderson

Program Advisor
Kimberly Henderson

Program Advisor
Patricia Cruz

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