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Ignoring undernutrition; by BPH student Mahnoor Fatima

December 5, 2022

Why a Bay Area Catholic doctor supports abortion choice

Wishesda; by BPH senior research scientist Dr. Julia Walsh

October 14, 2022

Op-Ed: Only states can stop antiabortion ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ from deceiving consumers

The Los Angeles Times; by Jessica Hamilton and Joint Medical Program graduate Christine Henneberg

June 28, 2022

The fight for women’s right to control their bodies is again a war

San Francisco Examiner; by Lindsay Parham, PhD, JD (Executive Director, Wallace Center) and BPH student Emma Anderson

June 27, 2022

What should public health and health department professionals do in preparation for Roe v. Wade falling?

The Journal of Public Health Management & Practice; by BPH alums Claudia Zaugg and Sarah CM Roberts

May 27, 2022

Op-Ed: Black gold and the color line

Environmental Health News; by Postdoctoral Fellow David J.X. González and Professor Rachel Morello-Frosch

May 12, 2022

Drug pricing with evidence development

JAMA Network; written by Professor James C. Robinson

April 19, 2022