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Volunteers packing grocery bags and boxes at the Basic Needs Center.

We are the Community Action Team (CAT) at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health. Our team includes members of diverse student, faculty, and staff groups. We aim to maximize the wellbeing of all our communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by tapping into the UC Berkeley School of Public Health’s individual and collective wellspring of activism, expertise, and commitment to collaboration.  We will serve to link members of our CAL community to specific community-identified needs that we facilitate and aim to be a clearinghouse to opportunities for action.

If you are affiliated with UC Berkeley, please join us by writing to Community organizations are also encouraged to write us at to share ways that we can mobilize efforts to help meet their current priorities.

Actions and Opportunities

Prospective volunteers have two methods of being involved with our efforts:

  • All are encouraged to look through the principal domains below and find opportunities that best suit your skills and abilities.
  • For UC Berkeley students, staff, alumni or faculty looking for additional opportunities with CAT community partners, please sign up for our weekly mailing list to be matched with additional opportunities to provide community support.

Utilizing our skills in qualitative and quantitative research, data sharing and analysis, and multicultural and multilingual skills in supporting efforts to address COVID-19.

See opportunities below:

Responding to the calls of organizers, activists, and community-based organizations that are asking for support advocating to public officials. This is an ideal way to get involved if you have limited flexibility, limited time availability, or want to work remotely in a no-exposure context.

Click here for a link of active petitions, call scripts, and template emails to advocate to local representatives:

Additional opportunities include:

Community Resources

The Community Action Team has assembled a list of resources for those needing additional information on the COVID-19 crisis. Our team is dedicated to providing accurate and current information to all communities.

Ongoing Efforts and Achievements

Contact Us

Our team of knowledgeable volunteers is dedicated to serving communities and providing help during times of crisis. If you are an organization in need of immediate assistance, please reach out to the Community Action Team at

  • Co-Leads: Coco Auerswald, Audrey Cristobal, Quin Hussey, Grace Turkis 
  • Students:  Amia Nash, Aminta Kouyate, Andrea Jacobo, Brie Martin, Brigid Cakouros, Chris Rubeo, Guz Gomez, Jamon Franklin, Julea Vlassakis, Kira Jeter, Maddy Kane, Melissa Leanda, Phoebe Miller, Sarah Ferrell, Aminta Kouyate, Tatyana Roberts, Taylor Young, Brie Martin
  • Staff: Emily Chow, Jessie Heminway, Karen Weidert, Maria Hernandez
  • Faculty: Hildy Fong Baker, Sandi McCoy & Steve Shortell
  • Alumni: Annie Chang