Justin Remais Launches $2.1 Million Project On Drought and Public Health in California with Collaborators at UCLA, UCSD and UCM

Faculty Headshot for Justin RemaisEHS Prof. Justin Remais (co-PI) is collaborating on a 4-year, $2.1 million grant with colleagues at UCLA, UCSD, UCM and others to examine the public health impacts of drought and climate change in California. The researchers will examine the health risks of smoke from drought-enhanced wildfires, and of drought-associated changes to the transmission of Valley Fever and West Nile Virus in the State. Co-PIs on the project include Remais at Berkeley, Dennis Lettenmaier at UCLA, Sasha Gershunov at UCSD and Leroy Westerling at UCM.

See more information about Prof. Remais’ research group, and the MRPI funding.