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Sending emails to BPH staff, faculty, academics, and students

You can communicate with the BPH community by sending emails via the following listservs:


  • All employees
    This listserv includes all employees with current appointments: all faculty, all staff, all academic (see above for detail on each group), as well as all student assistants and academic student employees (i.e., GSIs, readers, tutors, and GSRs).
    • Faculty
      This listserv includes all faculty employees with current appointments: professor titles (i.e., professors, professors in residence, adjunct professors, professors of clinical __, health science clinical professors, and visiting professors), lecturers, recall faculty, and emeriti faculty.
    • Academic
      This listserv includes all non-faculty academic employees with current appointments: academic coordinators, coordinators of public programs, field program supervisors/field work consultants, all postdocs, project scientists, researchers, specialists, and recalled non-faculty academics.


Please Note:

  • For most event announcements, it is preferred that you add your event to the BPH calendar.
  • The listservs are moderated. If appropriate to send, your message should be approved within a day of sending (usually more quickly).
  • With the exceptions noted above, these listservs are auto-maintained via employment records. If you would like an individual added to one of these lists, please contact Seana Van Buren.
  • Contingent workers (i.e., affiliates, consultants, visiting scholars, visiting assistant researchers, volunteers) are not included on any of the listservs.