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Please see the sections below for information about reserving rooms in Berkeley Way West and University Hall. Please be sure to read the Best Practices section for room reservation guidelines. Information on additional campus event facilities can be found on the Berkeley Events website.

Reserving Rooms in Berkeley Way West
Conference Rooms (5th Floor)
  • 5th floor conference rooms #5310-Bayer, #5420-Shortell, #5422-Schaeffer, and #5434-Froland are available to self-book in bCal.
    • To add a room to a meeting, search by “BWW” on the “Rooms” tab (next to “Guests”) to view/select an available room.
    • To add the rooms to your saved calendars, click the “+ Add other calendars” (next to “Add a coworker’s calendar”), then “Browse resources,” then scroll down to “BWW” to select the rooms you’d like.
  • #5101-Caravan, #5400, and #5401-Eustace-Kwan can be requested via this Reservation Form.
  • These spaces are for meetings and events; they are not for instructional purposes or office hours (see Classrooms & Seminar Rooms, below). #5101-Caravan and #5400 are accessible without 5th floor keycard access.
  • Questions? Contact
Classrooms & Seminar Rooms (1st Floor)
  • Contact for availability and to request a reservation.
  • These spaces can only be reserved after the 2nd week of instruction of each semester and cannot be booked beyond the current academic term.
Colloquia Rooms (1st Floor)
Forum, Plaza, and associated spaces (1st Floor)
  • Contact for information and to request a reservation.
  • The 5th Floor Emeriti Suite, 3rd Floor Atrium, and 2nd Floor Student Lounge Area are not yet available for reservations.
Reserving Rooms in University Hall
401 University Hall

To reserve this room for meetings or events in the School of Public Health, please use this Reservation Form.

150 University Hall
  • For the BPH community’s convenience, BPH has standing reservations for 150 University Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 7 p.m. This does not mean this room is available solely during these time slots; you may reserve this room for any time it is available.
  • To reserve this room, email You will receive an auto-reply with instructions on how to reserve the room. The instructions include a link to the 150 University Hall calendar where you can view available time slots.
Best Practices for Room Reservations

As a courtesy to other users, please keep these guidelines in mind when reserving and using rooms:

Making Requests

Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Please make all requests at least 2 business days prior to your desired meeting time. Book your start time thoughtfully, as a reserved but empty conference room is considered available for others 10 minutes after the reservation start time.


If you no longer need your reservation, please email to cancel. Include “Cancellation” in the subject line and the room, date, and time of your meeting in the message.

Room Maintenance

After your meeting, please be sure the room is cleared of trash, tabletops are wiped clean, the whiteboard is erased, furniture is reset to its proper configuration (see diagram in room), and the lights are turned off.