Staff Learning and Development

The School of Public Health values and supports both job-related and career-related professional development activities for our staff.  These activities are wide-ranging and the possibilities abundant, organized into the following five categories:

Campus Workshops, Trainings, Courses, and Coaching

The campus offers a multitude of in-person and online resources to meet many interests and needs.  Offerings range from technological tools to health & well-being, as well as a vast eLearning catalog and the UC Extension sponsored tuition program.

Thousands of on-demand online videos, as well as free tuition for select University Extension courses.

  • University Extension Sponsored Tuition: Provides free tuition for eligible employees for one course per year from an approved course listing.
  • eLearning (LinkedIn Learning): Over 5,500 free online videos to learn business, technology, and creative skills.
  • UC Learning Center: A portal to workplace learning where you can enroll in campus-sponsored classes, take an e-course, read e-books, or create an individual learning plan.
  • Reduced Fee Enrollment Program: Eligible employees who meets the admission requirements of the University are eligible for two-thirds reduction of certain fees when enrolled.

Technology training courses to enhance performance, increase productivity, and promote career mobility. Topics include:

  • Microsoft Office and Google Apps
  • Collaboration and Cloud Services
  • Database Development
  • Multimedia Production
  • Web Design

Technology and Systems

Series and workshops to foster leadership success.

  • Grow Today: Online workshop series designed for everyone, from seasoned people leaders to those desiring to become a manager, supervisor, or team lead.
  • Grow Your Knowledge: Series of face-to-face workshops; managers, supervisors, and team leads obtain the knowledge necessary for successful people management in our campus environment.
  • Grow Your Team: Series of face-to-face workshops; managers, supervisors, and team leads gain the skills required to engage teams for ultimate success.

People Management

Professional development programs for advisors and student service professionals, and both new and experienced research administrators.

Workshops that address issues of diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism.

  • Looking In / Looking Out: Exploring Workplace Diversity at Cal
  • First Take / Second Look: Exploring Unconscious Bias
  • Let’s Talk: Engaging in Cross-Cultural Communication

Multicultural Education Program (MEP)

The Staff Ombuds Office offers classes and workshops to help manage and resolve conflict in the workplace.

  • Workplace Civility: Respect in Action; Email Civility
  • Identifying and Addressing Workplace Bullying
  • Collaborating Effectively in the Workplace
  • Culture and Conflict Resolution
  • Conflict Competency for Team

Conflict Resolution & Prevention

Be Well at Work provides prevention services addressing ergonomics, wellness, and work/life through a continuum of treatment services from employee assistance, occupational health, and disability services.

Be Well at Work

Staff Organizations, Councils, Committees, and Communities

Participation in staff groups offers the ability to become more involved in our school and in campus life, and to build and maintain a network of support.  They can also provide enriching leadership opportunities.


  • Administrative Management Professionals (AMP)
  • Berkeley Events Network (BEN)
  • Berkeley Facilitator Network (BFN)
  • Business Process Analysis Working Group (BPAWG)
  • Cal Assessment Network (CAN)
  • Coalition for Education & Outreach (CEO)
  • Webnet

Visit the UC Berkeley Communities of Practice page 

The staff organizations are a collective of associations that offer opportunities for UC Berkeley staff to engage in collective community with others of similar interests.

  • Alianza
  • Asian Pacific American Systemwide Alliance (APASA)
  • Berkeley Staff Assembly (BSA)
  • Berkeley Veterans
  • Black Staff & Faculty Organization (BSFO)
  • Cal Women’s Network
  • Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee (CSAC)
  • LavenderCal
  • Native American Staff Council (NASC)
  • Staff Alliance for Disability Access (SADA)

Visit the Identity Based Staff Organizations page

  • Berkeley HEROES (Higher Education Reading Organization for Employees and Sidekicks)
  • University Section Club
  • W6BB Amateur Radio Club

Visit the UC Berkeley Special Interests group page

DICE is an action-oriented committee composed of students, faculty, alumni and staff that works to promote Diversity, Inclusion, Community and Equity. We work together to take meaningful, intentional action to create a more diverse and inclusive environment for SPH students, faculty, alumni and staff.

Email the DICE Committee

The SVSH Prevention Committee aims to foster a safe and inclusive climate at the School of Public Health.  The committee is made up of students, staff, and faculty representatives that collaborate and engage with individuals from across the school.  The committee aims to include as many perspectives and lived experiences as possible when designing and implementing prevention activities.

Go to the SVSH Prevention Committee page

SAC serves in collaboration with the Dean of the School of Public Health (SPH) to provide, foster, and support: leadership; staff well-being and development; a positive SPH culture; improved communications within SPH; community building; and, a sense of unity.

Go to the SAC page

SAC Events is a fun and dynamic committee that seeks to recognize and highlight our outstanding staff, as well as enrich the employee experience while fostering a sense of community. With community-building as our mission, the committee’s primary activities involve organizing School-wide annual events such as: the fall potluck, craft fair, holiday party, spring luncheon, and other various events (ice cream socials, coffee hours, happy hours, etc.).

Email the SAC Events Committee

Our goals are fostering wellness for all SPH students, staff, and faculty and working to create a more sustainable school.  Anyone with an interest in wellness and/or sustainability is welcome at monthly meetings.  If you’re interested in joining the committee or have ideas you’d like to share, contact Emily Chow (sustainability) and Joonie Kim (wellness).

Go to the Wellness and Sustainability Page

SPH Peer-to-Peer Learning

Throughout the year, sessions are hosted that facilitate our learning from one another – building knowledge and community.

Open to UC Berkeley staff, faculty, and students, the series of talks provides the opportunity to learn about our faculty’s current research.

View events calendar for Brown Bag Series events

Formal Campus/UC Programs

Both the campus and UC system offer “boutique” programs, for which a limited number of staff are selected for each cohort. We are committed to supporting the nominations of SPH staff to all of these programs and initiatives.

Pairs experienced campus staff members with staff who are looking to develop themselves professionally.

Applications for the next cohort (7/1/19-6/30/20) open in Spring 2019.

Mentorship Program

Aimed at developing a more equitable and inclusive environment for staff to support their professional development.

Applications for the next two cohorts (both in 2019) should open in Spring 2019.

Leadership and Career Enhancement Program for Staff of Color

Experiential development program for women designed to elevate women in leadership, establish a pipeline for advancement, and contribute to women’s and UC’s success.

Applications for the 2020 program should open in fall 2019.

UC Women’s Initiative for Professional Development

Funding Support for Development Opportunities

Should staff identify professional development opportunities outside of the school and campus, we offer modest monetary support for eligible expenses (e.g., registration fees, travel expenses), through an application process.

Given different areas of the School have varying levels of resources (and/or restrictions on resources), the Dean’s Office has allocated funding to contribute to the costs of staff professional development. FY20 is a pilot year, and we hope to grow this fund in the future.

To apply, complete this webform.

Awards are up to $500 per person. (For FY20, there is $5,000 total available; applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so available funding might be depleted before the end of the year.) Funds can be used for course/conference registration fees and/or travel in support of your current role at SPH. The professional development opportunity and/or travel must be supervisor-approved, and unit funding unavailable for some or all of the costs.

“Invest in You!” Challenge

Each quarter, SPH staff are challenged to meet a learning & development participation goal (specified # of hours).  Those who meet the challenge receive school-wide recognition and are entered into a raffle for a $50 gift card!

To learn more about this quarter’s challenge and to enter the raffle once met, click here.

Questions? Feedback? Contact
Seana Van Buren, Chief of Staff