Staff Advisory Council

The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) serves in collaboration with the Dean of the School of Public Health (SPH) to provide, foster, and support:

  • Leadership
  • Staff well-being and development
  • A positive SPH culture
  • Improved communications within SPH
  • Community building
  • A sense of unity

The staff of the School of Public Health consists of all full-time or part-time (active) career staff and non-Senate Academic appointees. In partnership with school faculty, the Staff Advisory Council provides shared leadership on issues affecting the broader SPH community and facilitates communication between faculty and staff. The Staff Advisory Council provides oversight and coordination of its committees, serves as a resource, and provides continuity within the school that transcends changes in administration.

To submit a comment, question, or idea to SAC, please send an email to, or contact any of the members.

Current Staff Advisory Council Members

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