Faculty Headshot for Stephen ShortellLast week, Stephen Shortell, professor of the graduate school and dean emeritus at the School of Public Health, delivered the annual Sam Shapiro lecture at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The lectureship is named after the late Sam Shapiro, a nationally prominent biostatistician and epidemiologist who did groundbreaking work on the effectiveness of medical treatments in populations, especially concerning the early detection of breast cancer. This lecture takes place each year at the Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research (CHSOR) at Johns Hopkins University, where Shapiro served as director in the 1970s.

Shortell’s lecture, “Breakthrough Improvement in U.S. Healthcare: Merging Evidence-Based Medicine and Evidence-Based Management,” drew on recent research that looked at the impact of patient engagement strategies on patient reported outcomes of care. This research was carried out by Shortell and others at the School, including Professor Hector Rodriguez, Shortell’s co-director at the Center for Healthcare Organizational and Innovation Research. Shortell’s lecture also referenced his research with Professor Emeritus Tom Rundall and other colleagues, which examined the role of the Lean Transformation Improvement Management System on hospital performance.

During the visit, Shortell also participated in a panel discussion on “The Future of Health Services Research” based on a report from the National Academy of Medicine. Shortell brought his extensive experience and research on healthcare organizations to the diverse panel of public health experts.

By Nayaab Ahsan