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Important Information About Our Wellness Publications

For subscribers to UC Berkeley Publications (Wellness Letter, Health After 50, and our white paper): We have a new publishing partnership, and the publications are resuming publication.

Wellness Letter Subscribers – The Wellness Letter is back publishing issues. If you have not already done so, please use this link to reactivate your subscription and download the current issue.

Health After 50 Subscribers – The Health After 50 newsletter will resume publication in a few months. Please update your contact information at this link and we will contact you when the newsletter starts publishing new issues.

All other general inquiries can be directed to or to 1-877-543-5505.

The UC Berkeley School of Public Health’s Health and Wellness Publications offer a positive and actionable approach to a long, healthful life. Our experts carefully examine the latest health and wellness information so readers can make quality lifestyle choices and self-care decisions.

Like our academic programs, content provided through our wellness publications provides the “Berkeley Difference”—evidence-based health and wellness information that can help prevent disease and improve the health of the community.

All of our content is extensively reviewed by our Editorial Boards, comprised of School of Public Health faculty, Bay Area specialists, and faculty from the University of California, San Francisco. Our board members have scientific and academic expertise in nutrition and dietary supplements, sports medicine, mental health, and all major medical specialties covering a host of disease and wellness classifications.


The School of Public Health collaborates with ConnectWell in California to package our Health & Wellness Publications for digital distribution through healthcare providers, health systems, health plans, wellness platforms, wearable technology companies, worksites, and benefits providers. As stakeholders in improving the health of the populations they serve, these organizations can now fully engage their end users in their health by integrating the School of Public Health’s extensive science-based health and wellness resources into their user-oriented platforms.

Digital content is presented in short, easy-to-read segments, is suitable for people of all educational levels, and is tagged, enabling content to be directed to end users based on their health and wellness needs. Video presentation from experts across UC’s university campuses and medical centers are available on many topics via UCTV. Content is available in multiple languages, enabling wide reach to populations within the U.S. and abroad—scaling health literacy. 

The ConnectWell partnership offers:

  • Health & Wellness Digital Library covering a wide range of health conditions and disease states to empower individuals to better understand their current health status and ways to improve it.
  • Wellness Initiatives that help people adopt habits that are fundamental to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Healthy Recipes that incorporate the latest nutritional information into everyday cooking.
  • Interactive digital health tools that help with knowledge, diagnosis, and education across many disease states are available to remotely engage people in care through early diagnosis and outreach.

Contact ConnectWell to learn how to incorporate our current, vetted, and evidence-based health and wellness digital library, wellness initiatives, recipes, and digital health tools into your platform and start engaging your populations in their health.

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