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Faculty in the School of Public Health presented their cutting-edge research during Cal Day, UC Berkeley’s all-day open house, on Saturday, April 21. The presentations covered a range of topics, including Zika and targeted machine learning.

Watch all of the presentations:

Catherine Metayer — “Uncovering the causes of childhood leukemia and the rising rates in the United States

Emily Ozer — “Research with communities and youth to improve health and wellbeing: Focus on youth-led participatory action research (YPAR)

Brenda Eskenazi — “Protecting the next generation of children from environmental exposures

Stephen Shortell and Hector Rodriguez — “Patient activation: What is it, how do we do it, and why does it matter?

John Marshall — “Designing safe strategies to eliminate mosquito-borne diseases using gene editing

Fausto Bustos and Sean Wu — “Student perspectives on public health research at Berkeley

Mark van der Laan — “Data-driven decision making in health: Why we need a statistical revolution

Eva Harris — “Dengue to Zika: Pivoting a bench-to-field program for rapid response

Date: April 21, 2018

Location: Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall