Student Poster Session 2012

On December 4, the School held a student poster session as part of a day-long research symposium held at Alumni House. Twenty-four posters were presented, and prizes were awarded for first, second, and third place.

Lead student presenters were Laura Balzer, Marilyn Cabrera, Benjamin Chaffee, Sarah Daniels, Callan Elswick, Stephen Francis, Maria Garcia-Jiminez, Allyson Goldberg, Courtney Henderson, Adam Luxenberg, Ana Maria Mora, Thu Nguyen, Ryan Petteway, Diana Rivera, Summer Starling, Liza Topete, Victor Villa, Phuong LeMinh Vu, Tamiko Younge, Paul Youseffi, and Saira Zaidi.

Prize winners:

First place: Stephen Francis, “Fallon Nevada Leukemia Cluster: From Spatial Analysis to Metagenomic Epidemiology – Evidence of an Infectious Etiology”

Authors: Stephen S. Francis, Steve S. Selvin, Amelia D. Wallace, Lee Riley, Joseph L. Wiemels, and Patricia A. Buffler

Second place: Laura Balzer, “Adaptive Pair-Matching, Randomized Trials, Targeted Learning and Causal Inference”

Authors: Laura B. Balzer, Maya L. Petersen, and Mark J. van der Laan

Third place: Sarah Daniels, “Effect of Chemical Leukemogens on Transferrin Receptor Secretion in a Myelogenous Leukemia Cell Line”

Authors: Sarah Daniels, Chih-Chuan Chang, Bin Tu, Irtaza Haider, Martyn T. Smith, and Luoping Zhang

Date: December 3, 2012

Photography by: Michael S. Broder

Location: University Hall, UC Berkeley