Blue Shield grant will bring care delivery best practices forums to the Bay Area


July 2, 2018

The Right Care Initiative, a public-private partnership working to improve clinical outcomes in California by enhancing the practice of patient-centered, evidence-based medicine, has received a $375,000 grant from Blue Shield of California to help establish a “University of Best Practices” in the Bay Area.

The “University of Best Practices” is a monthly forum that brings together medical, pharmacy, and quality improvement leaders to share best practices for addressing modifiable stroke and heart attack risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, and lipid control. The Right Care Initiative has established Universities of Best Practices in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Sacramento, but had yet to bring one to the Bay Area.

“Blue Shield is proud to announce support for the founding and implementation of a new University of Best Practices in the Bay Area,” said Dr. Scott Flinn, Regional Medical Director, Blue Shield of California. “With this lead gift, we challenge others to join us in the quest to prevent disability and death from cardiovascular disease and diabetes.”

The Right Care Initiative was established in 2008 and is one of the projects run by the UC Berkeley School of Public Health’s Center for Healthcare Organizational and Innovation Research (CHOIR). Professor Hector Rodriguez and Professor Emeritus and Dean Emeritus Stephen Shortell are the co-directors of CHOIR and the faculty leads of the Right Care Initiative.

“We are very grateful for Blue Shield’s leadership support,” said Professor Shortell. “It will stimulate others to make the investment to advance the best practices by providers and patients to reduce disability and death from these chronic illnesses.”