Ozer recognized by Society for Research on Adolescence as an outstanding mentor

June 18, 2018

Professor Emily Ozer was recently honored with an Outstanding Mentor Award from the Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA). The award celebrates professors who exemplify outstanding mentoring of the next generation of researchers focused on adolescence and the transition to adulthood. Each year the award is given to one recipient at the associate or professor level for fewer than 10 years and the other at the full professor level for more than 10 years.

Ozer specializes in school and community-based interventions and promotion and prevention program evaluations. She seeks to bridge collaborative-participatory approaches to conducting interventions with traditional scientific designs by testing the impact of intentional variation in collaborative processes. As a School of Public Health professor, she advises approximately six students per year in the Health and Social Behavior MPH program and two to three doctoral students per year in the DrPH and Epidemiology programs. She also mentors post-doctoral scholars and undergraduate students.

“This award is deeply meaningful to me on several levels,” said Ozer. “As a mentor, this award reinforces that my relationships with mentees does have an impact on their lives and careers. As a mentee who has benefited from generous support from many mentors at Berkeley and beyond throughout my career, I also feel that this award honors that legacy as I continue to try to pay forward the generosity from which I have benefited.”

SRA focuses on the theoretical, empirical, and policy research issues of adolescence. As a community of researchers, its goals are to advance understanding of adolescence and enhance the wellbeing of youth in a globalized world. Ozer was recognized at the association’s Biennial Meeting in April 2018.