Richard Scheffler elected to the National Academy of Social Insurance

February 26, 2019

In February, Professor of the Graduate School Richard Scheffler was elected to the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI), one of the highest honors awarded to social insurance professionals. The over 1,100 members of NASI include researchers and experts in various aspects of social insurance, from Medicare and Medicaid to other policy areas like paid leave and social security.

“This year’s newly-elected Academy Members are among our country’s leading reformers, doers, and creative thinkers,” said Shaun O’Brien, NASI membership committee chair, in a statement about this year’s cohort. “Their work focuses on the practical challenges of how we protect each other when faced with life’s financial and health hardships that are difficult to handle alone.”

In his 38 years at UC Berkeley, Scheffler has researched competition and regulation in health insurance markets, global health economics, and other aspects of public health policy. He has served as director of the Nicholas C. Petris Center, a health economics research center on campus, since its inception in 1999, as well as director of the Global Center for Health Economics and Policy Research. He recently co-authored a report with Dean Emeritus Stephen Shortell proposing a strategy to pay for universal healthcare in California. By electing Scheffler as a member, NASI recognizes his efforts in advancing the discussion of health insurance and improving the quality of policy-oriented research in these areas.

“The NASI membership will be of great value to me in pursuing my current passion: universal health care for all,” says Scheffler.

In addition to Scheffler, 44 distinguished social insurance experts were elected in 2019. NASI  members serve on study panels and committees, and attend conferences and other Academy programs. Overall, these experts contribute to the Academy’s mission of increasing public understanding of social insurance and economic security.

“Members are essential to the Academy’s work,” said William Arnone, chief executive officer, in a statement. “They bring a wealth of expertise and experience across a range of policy areas that affect every person and family in this nation.”

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