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Coronavirus: Facts and Fears

A Q&A with Berkeley Public Health experts, moderated by Dean Michael C. Lu

On March 25, Dean Michael C. Lu hosted a virtual Q&A with other experts from Berkeley Public Health and other health services across campus. Open to the public, the 90-minute webinar aimed to respond to listeners’ fears and offer practical insights into how to navigate the pandemic in everyday life. Topics ranged from the effectiveness and future of public health efforts like social distancing to everyday concerns like what kind of soaps to use and if we should be worried about our pets.

The panel included Dr. Anne Harte, medical director of UC Berkeley’s University Health Services; Nicholas Jewell, professor of biostatistics; Dr. Arthur Reingold, professor and division head of epidemiology and biostatistics; Dr. Lee Riley, professor and chair of infectious diseases and vaccinology; and Dr. John Swartzberg, clinical professor emeritus and chair of the UC Berkeley Health & Wellness Publications.

Coronavirus: Facts and Fears

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