Community Engagement

It is essential that we work with the community at large—locally, nationally and internationally—to address pressing public health needs and challenges. By engaging directly with stakeholders across a variety of sectors, our faculty and students produce transformational, community-based research that promotes actionable, sustainable and positive change.

Community Engagement at UC Berkeley

We collaborate with practitioners, policy makers and community groups by integrating their expertise in the development, implementation and assessment of our public health interventions. Our faculty and students cultivate relationships that produce meaningful outcomes and best practices for community-engaged scholarship.

Community Action Team

Our Community Action Team was developed to quickly serve our local communities in times of crisis on both a local and national scale. The team, comprised of members from diverse student, faculty, and staff groups, aims to tap into the wellspring of activism and leadership that defines who we are.

If you are an organization in need of immediate assistance or if you are a current member of the UC Berkeley community and would like to join us in our efforts, please reach out to us at