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Toolkit for Preventing Sexual Harassment (PATH to Care)

During the 2019 Spring semester, the UC Berkeley School of Public Health (BPH) partnered with the PATH to Care Center to pilot a new resource, Preventing Sexual Harassment in your Academic Department: A Toolkit. The toolkit was designed to help decision-makers in academic units create and implement a plan to prevent sexual harassment within their community.

2019 BPH SVSH Workgroup Report

The pilot of the Toolkit for Prevention Sexual Harassment, described above, was utilized to develop a set of recommendations to further the School’s sexual harassment prevention efforts. The workgroup report describes seven high-level recommendations the working group made to the BPH leadership as a result of this work.

SVSH Prevention Education

The BPH SVSH Prevention Committee currently conducts several SVSH-related training for BPH. Committee members who conduct these trainings participate in a train-the-trainer workshop hosted by the PATH to Care Center every summer. If your team, department, or unit is interested in receiving an in-person training, please contact

  • New Graduate Student Training: All incoming graduate and professional students are required to complete an in-person SVSH training to be completed within the first six weeks of the start of the program. The BPH SVSH Prevention Committee currently facilitates these trainings for all BPH graduate students, excluding OOMPH and JMP students.
  • New Graduate Student Instructor Training:  The SVSH Prevention Committee also facilitates training with first-time Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) in the Fall Semester BPH Pedagogy course on how to create an inclusive and respectful classroom.

BPH MyVoice Report

View the BPH MyVoice Data Analysis Report

The committee is building out prevention activities to address the results of the BPH MyVoice Report, from the campus-wide MyVoice Survey conducted by PATH to Care in 2018. These results will also be used as baseline data to evaluate our efforts.

Principles of Community Statement

Read our Principles of Community Statement

The SVSH Prevention Committee led the development of the BPH Principles of Community Statement over a two-year period. This statement was created in partnership with the BPH community through several focus groups and a school-wide survey. This statement was adopted by BPH in April 2021 and calls on every member of our school to acknowledge, value, and practice the principles.

This statement has been featured on Berkeley Public Health news and the Daily Cal.

Conference Presentations

The committee presented its work from the Spring 2019 SVSH Working Group, which piloted PATH to Care’s toolkit to prevent SVSH in academic departments, in partnership with PATH to Care at the National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence in Spring 2021.

SVSH Awareness Campaigns

The committee leads school-wide SVSH Awareness campaigns to increase awareness, promote prevention, and share resources for survivors. Example include January’s Stalking Awareness Month and April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Information and resources are shared directly to the BPH community and through the BPH Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.