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The BPH SVSH Prevention Committee meets once a month during the academic year to work on a variety of projects described in the Committee Activities section. If you are a member of the BPH community and would like to get involved, please email

Committee Members


NameUnit/ProgramBPH RepresentationRole
Marissa McKool
Seana Van BurenDean's OfficeStaff-LeadershipSponsor
Kimberly HendersonUndergraduateStaff-Student ServicesMember
Alejandra Domenzain

Labor Occupational Health ProgramStaffMember
Grisel Garcia RamirezPIREPost-DocMember
Rebecca, AstatkeMCAHGrad StudentMember
Sabrina IslamPrevention Science Research Training CenterPostdoctoral FellowMember
Navya, PothamsettyEpi/Bio4+1 studentMember
Lauren KrupaEpi/BioStaff-AcademicMember
John BodtkerOOMPHGrad StudentMember
Ella ParsonsEpi/BioGrad StudentMember
Ndola PrataMCAHFacultyFaculty Liaison
Sophie ManoukianUndergraduateUndergrad studentStudent Gov. Liaison (TBD)
Elana MuldavinHSBGrad StudentMember
Will DowHPMFacultyFaculty Liaison
Cassie MarshallMCAHFacultyFaculty Liaison
Jessica RossMCAH
Grad StudentMember
Brittany QuyHSBGrad StudentMember


NameUnit/ProgramBPH RepresentationRole
Marissa McKoolMCAHStaff-Academic/ResearchChair
Seana Van BurenDean's OfficeStaff-LeadershipSponsor
Melissa GalinatoHSBStudentStudent Government Liaison
Cassie MarshallMCAHFacultyFaculty Liaison
Helen GuoIDVStudent (4+1)DICE Liaison
Patrick BradshawEpi/BioFacultyFaculty Liaison
Ruby LucasUndergraduateAlumniMember
Alejandra DomenzainLabor Occupational Health ProgramStaff-Community ProgramsMember
Coline BodenreiderHSBStudentDICE Liaison
Sasha TillesMCAHStudentMember
Brittany QuyHSBStudentMember
Grisel Garcia RamirezPIREPostdoctoral FellowMember
Janene MartinezEpi/BioStaff-Student ServicesMember
Kimberly HendersonUndergraduateStaff-Student ServicesMember

2019 Spring Working Group Members

To keep the working group relatively small (10 people), while still including as many perspectives and lived experiences as possible, additional “consultants” participated at several points in the process.

  • Working Group — Caitlin Green (CPHPL), Darlene Francis (DREAM/CPHPL), Janene Martinez (EPI/BIO), Jennifer Lachance (CPHPL), Liliana Cardile (Dean’s Office), Marissa McKool (MCAH), Melissa Galinato (HSB), Michelle Azurin (DREAM), Sarah Gamble (PATH to Care), Seana Van Buren (Dean’s Office)
  • Consultants — Cassondra Marshall (MCAH), Deborah Barnett (OOMPH), Evan Vandommelen-Gonzalez (OOMPH), Eve Donovan (MCHT), Judy Smithson (OOMPH), Kimberly Henderson (Undergraduate Affairs), Kristine Doss (HPM), Matt MacNeil (Dean’s Office), Patrick Bradshaw (EPI), Salma Saifuddin (Undergraduate)

SVSH Committee Charter

View the 2021–2022 SVSH Prevention Committee Charter

The BPH SVSH Prevention Committee committee charter outlines the committee’s purpose, role, and expectations. Please note, this charter may be updated as needed each year.