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HMAP (Health and Medical Apprenticeship Program) was created in 1984 by four UC Berkeley undergraduates with the goal to introduce Berkeley students to ethical issues and philosophical dilemmas related to the fields of health and medicine.

The results of their efforts are three subprograms: the course Public Health 116 (PH 116), the Field Study Internship (FSI), and the Health Service Internship (HSI). An entirely student-run organization, HMAP continues to expose students to a broad spectrum of experiences and opportunities, covering many facets of health and medicine while emphasizing participatory learning.

Public Health 116:

Public Health 116 is a student-run seminar offered through the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Public Health, allowing students the opportunity to engage with a curriculum focused on the Social, Ethical, and Political Issues in Public Health . The course is intended to help undergraduate students form a comprehensive picture of what health is and how it will evolve. Lead by Teaching Assistants, group discussions are an integral aspect of the course, providing students the opportunity to challenge their beliefs and engage in conversation surrounding issues in health and medicine.

HSI (Health Services Internship):

The Health Services Internship is a prestigious undergraduate program that draws upon the unique skill sets of intern cohorts to provide assistance and critical support to local non-profit organizations and Public Health initiatives. Our network extends throughout the Bay Area, granting students with the opportunity for community engagement and valuable work experience in areas including, but not limited to, community health, social justice, administrative support, and data analysis.

FSI (Field Study Internship):

The Field Study Internship (FSI) is a unique and distinguished undergraduate program that provides an unparalleled shadowing experience in the medical field.  Observing esteemed preceptors throughout the Bay Area, FSI interns are granted the unique vantage point to experience the intersection between medicine and public health in practice.



Kira Shea

General Coordinator of all programs and finance / budgeting

Public Health 116

Head Coordinators: Carly Miller and Alex Vergara

Health Service Internship

Head Coordinator: Amanda Reilly

Field Study Internship

Head Coordinator: Emily Gainor