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Q&A Webinar – Coronavirus: Facts and Fears

On March 25, Dean Michael C. Lu hosted a virtual Q&A with other experts from Berkeley Public Health and other health services across campus. Open to the public, the 90-minute webinar aimed to respond to listeners’ fears and offer practical insights into how to navigate the pandemic in everyday life

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Berkeley Public Health Experts Weigh in on COVID-19

The latest news and updates on the coronavirus from Berkeley Public Health.

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Apply now for the Online MPH program

The application deadline for Fall 2020 is May 1, 2020.

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Experience Transformational Health Research

The determinants and consequences of global changes profoundly shape population health. Many of these changes have long been underway, including climate change, food systems transformations, infectious disease pandemics, and population changes such as migration, urbanization and aging.

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Africa’s Western Sahel on the brink of crisis, researchers warn

Without investment in family planning, girls’ education, agriculture, and security, the region’s political and economic systems could collapse.

Our faculty and students conduct research that emphasizes the social determinants of health—how factors like socioeconomic status, race and place determine susceptibility to certain diseases and conditions—and how to use this knowledge to help communities implement changes that foster equality and social justice.

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California bans poisonous agricultural pesticide

The decision was informed by a growing body of research linking chlorpyrifos exposure to harmful health effects, including neurodevelopmental disorders.

Unlocking the truth behind infectious disease pandemics, social determinants of health, antibiotic resistance and other public health concerns often requires harnessing big data and technological innovation.

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Digitizing Reproductive Health Education

CyberRwanda uses technology and storytelling to connect teens with accurate reproductive health information and health products