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Our community of more than 18,000 graduates is making an impact in California, nationally and across the globe.

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The professional network available to Berkeley Public Health alumni is one of the school’s greatest assets.

Our graduates hold major positions in health departments, hospitals, national and international organizations, in local, state, and federal government, in voluntary health organizations, in the corporate sector, and in health care and health promotion organizations.

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Distinguished Alumni

The UC Berkeley School of Public Health Alumnus/Alumna of the Year Award is the highest award that the school bestows on its alumni. The award, which is presented at Commencement, has two general criteria:

  • Significant contributions in the field of public health
  • Achievements/qualities that can provide inspiration to the graduating class

The Award Committee is composed of the dean, associate deans, division heads, and a representative from the Public Health Alumni Association.

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    2024Terry Bayer MPH '75Public Health Nutrition
    2023Meredith Minkler, DrPH '75, MPH '70Health Education
    2022Lynn Barr, MPH '10Health Policy and Administration
    2021Tomás Aragón DrPH '00Interdisciplinary - DrPH
    2019Jane C. Garcia MPH '80Health Administration and Planning
    2018Cheri Pies DrPH '93, MPH '85Health Education
    2017Martha Ryan RN, MPH '89Maternal & Child Health
    2016Michael Lu MD, MS, MPH '92Maternal & Child Health
    2015Lori Dorfman DrPH '94, MPH '89Interdisciplinary
    2014A. Eugene Washington MD, MSc, MPH '75Health Policy/Administration
    2013Katherine Pollard PhD '03Biostatistics
    2012Sarah Samuels DrPH '82Public Health Nutrition
    2011Anthony "Tony" Iton MD, JD, MPH '97Interdisciplinary
    2010Diane B. Petitti MD, MPH '81Epidemiology
    2009Michael Bird MSW, MPH '83Health Policy/Administration
    2009Carol D'Onofrio DrPH '73, MPH '60Health Education
    2008Carl N. Lester MPH '65Health Policy/Administration
    2007Susan Desmond-Hellmann MD, MPH '88Epidemiology
    2006Harrison Spencer MD, DTM&H, MPH '72Epidemiology
    2005Richard J. Jackson MD, MPH '79Epidemiology
    2004Marion Nestle PhD, MPH '86Public Health Nutrition
    2003Julie Gerberding MD, MPH '90Epidemiology
    2002Lynn R. Goldman MD, MPH, MS '79Health & Medical Science
    2001Donald M. Minkler MD, MPH '68Maternal & Child Health
    2000Sir Michael Marmot PhD '75, MPH '72Epidemiology
    1999Mary Pittman DrPH '87, MCP, MPH '80Health Policy/Administration
    1998Seiko Brodbeck BS '48
    1997Lisa Berkman PhD '77Epidemiology
    1996Barbara Staggers MD, MPH '80Maternal & Child Health
    1995Shoshanna Sofaer DrPH '84, MPH '77Health Policy/Administration
    1994Lawrence W. Green DrPH '68, MPH '66, BS '62Health Education
    1993Alfred W. Childs MD, MPH '64Health Policy/Administration
    1993Bessanderson McNeil MPH '71Health Policy/Administration
    1992Margaret Jordan MPH '72Health Policy/Administration
    1991William C. Reeves PhD, MPH '49Epidemiology
    1990M. Adhyatma MPH '74Health Policy/Administration
    1989Kirk Smith PhD '77, MPH '72Environmental Health Sciences
    1988Selma Dritz MD, MPH '67Maternal & Child Health
    1987Susan Foerster MPH '71, RDPublic Health Nutrition
    1986Thelma Fraziear MPH '73Health Policy/Administration
    1985Malcolm Merrill MD, MPH '46
    1984John C. Green DMD, MPH '61Epidemiology
    1983Francis Curry MD, MPH' 64Health Policy/Administration
    1982Alan Gittelsohn PhD '60, MPH '52, BS '49Biostatistics
    1981Judith Heumann MPH '75Health Policy/Administration
    1980Venkatarum Ramakrishna MD, MPH '55Heath Education
    1979Reuel Stallones MD, MPH '52Epidemiology
    1978Florence Stroud MPH '66Health Policy/Administration

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