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Student Life

Become your own kind of leader alongside faculty and peers with a shared vision for public health.

Why Berkeley Public Health?

Students choose us because we move evidence-based public health research into public action. We foster a culture of radical collaboration, transformational research and a commitment to reduce health inequalities that exist by race, ethnicity and socio-economic status.

We equip students to create their own paths, and offer multiple ways to learn including on-campus and online courses, an online MPH program, and community practicums designed to meet students’ interests and lifestyle needs.

RISE: Careers & Leadership Office
The RISE Office logo, an illustration of the Golden Gate Bridge superimposed on the sun.

The Berkeley Public Health Careers and Leadership Office (RISE) provides a full range of resources to support students and graduates at all points along their employment path, from their first days at Berkeley Public Health through their chosen career paths and beyond. We transform our students into leaders, particularly through our RISE office as well as through opportunities with the school’s student government.

Diversity and Inclusion: Dream Office
Dream Office logo

Our Dream (Diversity Respect Equity Action Multiculturalism) office aims to increase diversity in the public health workforce. We work to reduce barriers and to support those who attend our school to succeed during their time here; so they can enter the workforce to help high priority populations achieve better health.

Through these and other resources, including a Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee and an office of staff committed to your professional development, our goal is create a unique academic and practical experience for future generations of public health researchers and practitioners.

Marian Koshland Bioscience, Natural Resources and Public Health Library

The Marian Koshland Bioscience, Natural Resources and Public Health Library is open; The library offers online access to books, journals and more, as well as a substantial print collection. Library hours are Monday–Thursday 9 am–9 pm, Friday 9 am–5 pm, closed Saturday, and Sunday 1 pm–9 pm.

The public health collection is particularly strong in many areas, including nutrition in health and disease, health administration, epidemiology, toxicology, occupational health, maternal and child health, biostatistics, communicable diseases, community health, environmental health, and global health. This library also collects materials in other subject areas, such as biology, natural resources, forestry, entomology, paleontology and more.