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The UC Berkeley School of Public Health Alumnus/Alumna of the Year Award is the highest award that the School bestows on its alumni. The award, which is presented at Commencement, has two general criteria:

  • Significant contributions in the field of public health
  • Achievements/qualities that can provide inspiration to the graduating class

The Award Committee is composed of the dean, associate deans, division heads, and a representative from the Public Health Alumni Association.

2023Meredith Minkler, DrPH '75, MPH '70Health Education
2022Lynn Barr, MPH '10Health Policy and Administration
2021Tomás Aragón DrPH '00Interdisciplinary - DrPH
2019Jane C. Garcia MPH '80Health Administration and Planning
2018Cheri Pies DrPH '93, MPH '85Health Education
2017Martha Ryan RN, MPH '89Maternal & Child Health
2016Michael Lu MD, MS, MPH '92Maternal & Child Health
2015Lori Dorfman DrPH '94, MPH '89Interdisciplinary
2014A. Eugene Washington MD, MSc, MPH '75Health Policy/Administration
2013Katherine Pollard PhD '03Biostatistics
2012Sarah Samuels DrPH '82Public Health Nutrition
2011Anthony "Tony" Iton MD, JD, MPH '97Interdisciplinary
2010Diane B. Petitti MD, MPH '81Epidemiology
2009Michael Bird MSW, MPH '83Health Policy/Administration
2009Carol D'Onofrio DrPH '73, MPH '60Health Education
2008Carl N. Lester MPH '65Health Policy/Administration
2007Susan Desmond-Hellmann MD, MPH '88Epidemiology
2006Harrison Spencer MD, DTM&H, MPH '72Epidemiology
2005Richard J. Jackson MD, MPH '79Epidemiology
2004Marion Nestle PhD, MPH '86Public Health Nutrition
2003Julie Gerberding MD, MPH '90Epidemiology
2002Lynn R. Goldman MD, MPH, MS '79Health & Medical Science
2001Donald M. Minkler MD, MPH '68Maternal & Child Health
2000Sir Michael Marmot PhD '75, MPH '72Epidemiology
1999Mary Pittman DrPH '87, MCP, MPH '80Health Policy/Administration
1998Seiko Brodbeck BS '48
1997Lisa Berkman PhD '77Epidemiology
1996Barbara Staggers MD, MPH '80Maternal & Child Health
1995Shoshanna Sofaer DrPH '84, MPH '77Health Policy/Administration
1994Lawrence W. Green DrPH '68, MPH '66, BS '62Health Education
1993Alfred W. Childs MD, MPH '64Health Policy/Administration
1993Bessanderson McNeil MPH '71Health Policy/Administration
1992Margaret Jordan MPH '72Health Policy/Administration
1991William C. Reeves PhD, MPH '49Epidemiology
1990M. Adhyatma MPH '74Health Policy/Administration
1989Kirk Smith PhD '77, MPH '72Environmental Health Sciences
1988Selma Dritz MD, MPH '67Maternal & Child Health
1987Susan Foerster MPH '71, RDPublic Health Nutrition
1986Thelma Fraziear MPH '73Health Policy/Administration
1985Malcolm Merrill MD, MPH '46
1984John C. Green DMD, MPH '61Epidemiology
1983Francis Curry MD, MPH' 64Health Policy/Administration
1982Alan Gittelsohn PhD '60, MPH '52, BS '49Biostatistics
1981Judith Heumann MPH '75Health Policy/Administration
1980Venkatarum Ramakrishna MD, MPH '55Heath Education
1979Reuel Stallones MD, MPH '52Epidemiology
1978Florence Stroud MPH '66Health Policy/Administration