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If you are requesting admissions information that is specific to a certain program, please find that program’s contact information on this page.

Graduate Program Admissions:, (510) 643-0881

Associate Director of Admissions and Recruitment:

Michelle Azurin, (510) 664-9084

Online Education Recruitment Specialist:

Stephanie Nguyen, (510) 664-7979

UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program, Admissions and Outreach Coordinator:

Graduate Recruitment and Diversity Services (GRADS) Peer Advisors:, (510) 643-7900

Undergraduate admissions:

Patricia Cruz and Kimberly Henderson, (510) 643-0874

Program Managers

Online Master of Public Health Program:

Biostatistics PHD and MA programs:

Epidemiology/Biostatistics MPH program (Epidemiology Division):

Health and Social Behavior MPH program:

Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health MPH programs:

Public Health Nutrition MPH programs:

Environmental Health Sciences PhD, MPH and MA programs,
Global Health and Environment MPH and MA programs:

Epidemiology/Biostatistics MPH program,
Epidemiology PHD, MPH and MS programs:

Health Policy and Management MPH program:

Health Policy PhD program:

Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology MPH program,
Infectious Diseases and Immunity PHD program:

Doctor of Public Health DrPH program:

Interdisciplinary MPH program:

“4+1” One-Year MPH program:

Bachelor of Arts in Public Health (BA) program,
Summer Minor in Global Public Health,
Certificate in Global Public Health,
“4+1” One-Year MPH program:

MBA/MPH with the Haas School of Business:

MCP/MPH with the College of Environmental Design:

MJ/MPH with the Graduate School of Journalism:

MPP/MPH with the Goldman School of Public Policy:

MSW/MPH with the School of Social Welfare:

UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program (JMP):

MD/MPH with Stanford University:


MPH with Preventive Medicine Residency with UCSF:

MPH with Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency with UCSF:

MPH with Dental Public Health Residency with UCSF

Student Services

Center for Public Health Practice and Leadership (CPHPL)

Director of Career Services:

Caitlin Green, (510) 642-0431

Director of Leadership and Professional Development:

Grace Turkis, (510) 642-9839

Director of Field Education:

Audrey Cristobal, (510) 643-0970

Diversity Respect Equity Action Multiculturalism (DREAM) Office

General Inquiries

Chief of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging:

Graduate Recruitment and Diversity Services (GRADS):

Dalila Alvarado and Nancy Gutierrez

GRADS Peer Advisors:, (510) 643-7900


Dean’s Office Leadership

Executive Associate Dean:

Associate Dean for Research:

Assistant Dean for Administration, Chief of Staff:

Seana Van Buren, (510) 326-5429

Assistant Dean for Financial Affairs, Chief Financial Officer:

Emily Schwarz, (510) 643-7586

Assistant Dean for Strategy and External Relations:

Priya Mehta, (510) 664-7983

Assistant Dean for Students:

Quin Hussey, (510) 435-7121

Chief of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging:

Director of Communications and Marketing:

Elise Proulx, (510) 643-4707

External Relations and Development

Director of Development:

Eve Penny Cowen, (415) 755-7757

Director of Philanthropy:

Morry Rao Hermón, (510) 664-7958

Director of External Relations Programs and Annual Giving:

Eileen Pearl, (510) 643-6382

For Media Requests

For more information about a particular story or to get in touch with a faculty expert, please contact:

Director of Communications and Marketing,
School of Public Health:

Elise Proulx, (510) 643-4707

Science Writer,
UC Berkeley News and Media Relations:

Kara Manke, (510) 643-7741

Human Resources

Contact List for Human Resources & Academic Personnel (HR/AP)


Facilities Manager:

Janis Honda, (510) 643-6954

Facilities Specialist:

Paul McCue, (510) 643-0553

Berkeley Way West Building Manager:

Jeanette Thompson, (510) 642-3729

After hours/emergency facilities contacts:

Janis Honda
cell: (510) 418-3691

Emily Schwarz
cell: (646) 262-2010