How are the cities of Latin America and the Caribbean preparing for a reopening before COVID-19?​

Home Owner’s Loan Corporation (HOLC) ratings of Oakland, Berkeley, and Alameda neighborhoods, with green indicating “best,” blue indicating “still desirable,” yellow indicating “definitely declining” and red indicating “hazardous.” (Image courtesy the University of Richmond’s Mapping Inequality project)

This event was produced and hosted by the IDB Cities Network / Inter-American Development Bank.

How are cities confronting the coronavirus pandemic? Amidst these uncertain and complex times, the IDB Cities Network’s webinar series aims to create a virtual space in which local city leaders can discuss their experiences in managing the Coronavirus pandemic from a health and socioeconomic perspective.

In the recovery phase from the coronavirus pandemic, a key axis is the reopening of cities. Now, how to reactivate urban mobility, public spaces, and the urban economy without creating a second wave of infections? We invite you to the fourth meeting of the webinar cycle organized by the IDB Cities Network on local management in the coronavirus crisis. On this occasion, Luis Alberto Moreno, President of the Inter-American Development Bank, will talk with the following experts in urban planning and epidemiology:

Afterwards, city officials will move to a technical conversation in three break-out rooms focused on: mobility, public spaces, and housing and construction. At the end of these simultaneous parallel sessions we will regroup to share the conclusions reached by each thematic group..

The videoconference was conducted partially in English and Spanish, with simultaneous interpretation in both languages and Portuguese.

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