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Student Stories: Moira Rushton-Marovac, OOMPH 2021

Dr. Moira Rushton-Marovac (OOMPH candidate 2021) is a medical oncologist in Canada who recently completed fellowship training in clinical trials. During the COVID-19 pandemic response she has joined a local hospital to build a research program and facilitate participation in COVID-19 clinical trials. Working as the local principal investigator, she has built a team of physicians, nurses, and pharmacists to bring novel treatments to COVID-19 patients in Ottawa, ON, Canada at the Queensway Carleton Hospital. There are no current proven, or approved, treatments for COVID-19. Clinical trials are the only way that patients can gain access to potential therapies and well designed research trials are the only path to build strong evidence of what will and won’t work to fight this pandemic.

Dr. Moira Rushton-Marovac MD, FRCPC, Online MPH 2021

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