Berkeley Public Health Online MPH: Pioneering Social Justice and Empowering Change

Berkeley Public Health Online Master of Public Health (MPH) stands as the paramount choice for individuals committed to social justice, health equity, and impactful change. Anchored in a school-wide commitment to anti-racism and social justice, the program uniquely prepares students to be proactive changemakers. From an Anti-Racist Student Elective Course to Applied GIS for Public Health, the curriculum is a blend of innovation and inclusion. Berkeley Public Health Online goes beyond education; it brings UC Berkeley prestige to students’ locations, empowering them to address health inequities in their communities. With a resounding 100% of graduates indicating preparedness to apply skills in Diversity and Culture, the Online MPH program ensures students walk away not only educated but equipped to make a difference.

In an era demanding changemakers (those taking creative action to solve a social problem), the Berkeley Public Health Online Master of Public Health (MPH) program rises as the unmatched choice for those dedicated to social justice, health equity, and real societal impact. More than a degree, this program delivers the esteemed UC Berkeley experience directly to students’ computers, understanding the unique needs of changemakers in diverse communities. Through cutting-edge online platforms, the Online MPH program is breaking down barriers, allowing aspiring public health leaders to pursue their passion and career advancement without uprooting their lives. With a resounding 100% of graduates indicating preparedness to apply skills in Diversity and Culture, the Online MPH program ensures students graduate not only educated but equipped to make a difference.

At the heart of the Online MPH program lies an unwavering commitment to social justice and anti-racism, differentiating it as a trailblazer in public health education. Embedded in the program’s DNA is Berkeley Public Health’s school-wide anti-racism initiative, which aims to foster an environment where diversity and inclusion thrive. The Online MPH curriculum also takes a unique approach, spotlighting the dismantling of systemic inequalities. The Anti-Racist Student Elective course exemplifies this, equipping students with critical skills to actively drive change. This transformative course challenges students to recognize how racism affects public health thus creating racial health disparities. Beyond theory, the course encourages practical application, urging students to design programs addressing racism as a root cause and implementing the innovative Racism as a Root Cause approach through design thinking.

The commitment to diversity is woven into the fabric of each syllabus, with requirements such as dedicating at least 10% of course materials to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) perspectives and ensuring that a significant portion of guest speakers represent BIPOC communities. The Introduction to Survey Methods course is another prime example, featuring a dedicated Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism Statement. Instructors commit to creating an anti-racist learning environment, acknowledging the global impact of racism, and fostering inclusivity. This intentional approach extends to recognizing students as experts of their own experiences and encouraging active participation, making the program a collaborative and dynamic space. By fostering an environment where mistakes are seen as part of the growth process, the Online MPH program empowers students to actively contribute to dismantling harmful power dynamics and engaging in active bystander intervention.

The Health and Social Behavior course, one of the first courses taken, further exemplifies the Online MPH program’s commitment to anti-racism praxis. The teaching team is dedicated to fostering an inclusive, equity-oriented, and anti-racist learning environment. Acknowledging the global impact of racism, the course encourages students to confront historically and socially constructed identities, promoting a growth mindset and learning from mistakes. The Online MPH program’s proactive approach extends to creating a safe space for uncomfortable conversations, transforming them into teachable moments. This is not just an education; it’s a journey of personal and professional growth, fostering resilience in the face of difficult conversations and demonstrating its transferability to the work environment.

Even in technical courses like Applied GIS for Public Health, the Online MPH program maintains its commitment to addressing health inequities. The course integrates the study of spatial data and its application to health-related issues, bridging technical skills with a social justice lens. By overlaying current social vulnerability maps on historic redlining maps, students gain a nuanced understanding of how structural racism persists in health outcomes. This unique approach empowers students to become adept in using technology to drive societal change, equipping them with the skills to navigate the spatial dimensions of health inequities in their communities.

Berkeley Public Health’s Online MPH program isn’t just the number one choice for those passionate about social justice and health equity; it’s the beacon for changemakers ready to make a difference in their own communities and beyond. With its learn-in-place model, the Online MPH program empowers students with a UC Berkeley education, shaping leaders and the future of public health. Apply today and be part of a movement that’s transforming lives, one community at a time.

A version of this story first appeared on the Study International website. Reprinted with permission.