Dean’s Speaker Series

The UC Berkeley School of Public Health’s Dean’s Speaker Series is designed to bring distinguished experts to Berkeley and engage the community on a variety of current and important topics in the field of public health.

The events are free and open to the public; registration is encouraged as capacity is often limited.

Upcoming Event

A Conversation with California’s First Surgeon General Nadine Burke Harris

September 19, 2019
Berkeley Way West First Floor Colloquia

Berkeley Public Health Dean Michael C. Lu, who served as the Director of the U.S. Maternal and Child Health Bureau for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services from 2012-17, will engage Dr. Burke in a candid discussion about her career in pediatrics and health advocacy, the connection between childhood trauma and health outcomes, and what we can expect during her appointment as the first Surgeon General of California.

Event Details

Past Events

The following is a list of past Dean’s Speaker Series events. Click the “watch” link at the end of each event description to view the presentation on YouTube.

  • Reforming national chemicals safety policy to protect the health of workers and the public (April) watch
  • Universal Coverage: Is “Medicare for All” the Answer? (March) watch
  • Social Justice and Health Equity with Michael Marmot (December) watch
  • Environmental Justice: What can we do about the disproportionate impact of climate change on low-income communities? With Van Jones (November) watch
  • A Conversation with Marion Nestle and Alice Waters, (March) watch
  • Improving Care and Restoring Dignity for the U.S. Prison Population, (September)
  • A Conversation with Larry Brilliant, (January) watch
  • Beyond Coverage: After the ACA, (February) watch
  • Grappling with Cure, (March) watch
  • The Next 82 Years: Faculty and Students Confronting Existential Challenges, (May) watch
  • Global Health and the Future Role of the United States, (August) watch
  • Is Sugar Making Us Sick?, (September) watch
  • Climate Change: The Defining Health Challenge and Opportunity of the 21st Century, (November) watch

*Talks marked with an asterisk are also part of the 2015-2016 Kaiser Permanente Lecture series, co-sponsored by the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

  • From Biomedicine to Bioregion: The Geographies of a Care-Based Economy, (February) watch
  • Achieving Health Equity: Tools for a National Campaign Against Racism*, (February) watch
  • Dying in America*, (February) watch
  • Why Scientific Retractions Are Rising—and Why That’s Good News for Public Health (and Journalism)*, (March) watch
  • The Principles and Priorities of Population Health Science, (March) watch
  • Communicating Science to the Public: The Vaccine-Autism Controversy*, (April) watch
  • Clinical and Financial Integration: Managing Risk in a Changing Marketplace, (April) watch
  • A Conversation with Lisa Jackson, (May)
  • All That Glitters, (May) watch
  • Firearm Violence: Research and Action, (September) watch
  • Devoured: A Journey in the American Food Psyche, (October) watch
  • From Biomedicine to Bioregion: The Geographies of a Care-Based Economy, (November) watch
  • Health in California under a Trump Presidency, (December) watch