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Berkeley Public Health’s Patrick Bradshaw awarded 2020 Hellman Fellowship

The School of Public Health is proud to announce that Patrick Bradshaw has been selected by a panel of esteemed UC Berkeley faculty members as one of 21 Hellman Fellows for 2020.

Established by the late F. Warren and Chris Hellman in 1995, the purpose of the Hellman Fellows Fund is to support substantially the research of promising assistant professors at UC Berkeley who show capacity for great distinction in their research.

Professor Bradshaw was granted the fellowship on the basis of his research centered on identifying factors related to obesity-related chronic disease outcomes in White and African-American adults, including cardiometabolic disorders and cancer survival as well as development and application of novel quantitative methods. His Hellman-funded project will research the racial disparities in obesity misclassification and cardiovascular disease.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to be a recipient of a Hellman Fellow award this year,” Bradshaw said. “This award will provide me with important funding to further my work to identify more accurate measures that can be applied to identify and address obesity-related disease in diverse populations.”

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