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Jingshen Wang awarded NSF Career Award

The School of Public Health at UC Berkeley is pleased to announce that Dr. Jinshen Wang has been awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation Career Award for research to develop three novel strategies to learning treatment effect heterogeneity, which examines varying treatment effects for individuals or subgroups in a population.

Her work will open a new research connection between adaptive experiments and social welfare improvement.

Dr. Wang is an assistant professor in the Division of Biostatistics at Berkeley Public Health. She joined the school in 2019 and was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2021.

“The Division of Biostatistics is extremely proud of the prestigious NSF award that Dr. Jingshen Wang has just been awarded,” said Dr. Alan Hubbard, chair of the Biostatistics Division. “Dr. Wang is a leader in developing and understanding methodology related to uncovering heterogeneity in treatment (or exposure) effects in populations. Thus, her work is incredibly important in the context of precision health.”

“The funded proposal aims to develop a framework for experimental designs that are optimized for estimating the heterogeneity of causal effects of modifiable factors, such as treatments or public health interventions,” Hubbard said. “These design strategies will be applicable to a range of study types, including clinical trials, social experiments in biomedical sciences, public health sectors, and online controlled experiments in technological enterprises. This work is crucial to harness modern data science methods (such as AI) to help in developing new interventions that can be robustly tailored to the specific background and needs of the individual.”

“I am honored to receive the generous support from the NSF Career award, which provides stable support for me to develop my research agenda on developing adaptive experimental design strategies from both theoretical and practical perspectives,” said Wang. “Under the support of this award, I also plan to integrate research with education in the hopes of effectively communicating research findings with broader audiences.”