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Berkeley Public Health is pleased to announce that Dr. Filipa Rijo-Ferreira and her project, “Uncovering the Circadian Clock of Malaria Parasites,” have been selected for a Hypothesis Fund seed grant.

The fund indicated Dr. Rijo-Ferreira was selected for the “boldness of her science, her willingness to take risks and go after a big idea, and the potential long-term impact of her work.”

“Malaria infection is known for its periodic fevers. We have recently shown that in addition to the host, the parasites also have an intrinsic clock,” said Dr. Rijo-Ferreira. “We are excited to receive support from the Hypothesis Fund to tackle the mechanism underlying this phenomenon.”

The Hypothesis Fund advances scientific knowledge by supporting early stage, innovative research that increases our adaptability against systemic risks to the health of people and the planet. Their seed grants fund research projects at their earliest stages, typically before there is any preliminary data.