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Meet our new staff: Yuri Hernandez-Osorio, DREAM Office director

Yuri Hernandez-Osorio
  • Hometown: Coos Bay, Oregon
  • Current city: Portland, Oregon
  • Pronouns: She/her/ella
  • Previous job: Diversity and Inclusion Program Coordinator at the University of Portland
  • Hobbies: Making beaded jewelry and sewing

Berkeley Public Health sat down with the new director of the DREAM office, which has goals of increasing inclusivity and belonging for students in public health.

What is your role at the DREAM office?

I am the director of the DREAM office and I just started this month in this role. My background is DEIJ (diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice) work, academic research in increasing access to higher education for QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color) populations, minoritized students, first generation and undocumented students. I have a MSW (masters in social work).

How will you work with students in your new role?

I hope to support students with accessing financial resources, the burnout of graduate student life, support the well-being of students, and address systemic issues that arise.

Who will you serve at the DREAM office?

I hope to serve all students and specifically support QTBIPOC, minoritized students, and historically excluded students in their academic journey. I also want folx in the School of Public Health (staff, faculty, students) to come to me for help as the subject expert on DACA, undocumented, and immigrant populations.

What impact do you hope to have on students?

I hope the impact I have on students is mentorship. I truly believe in the power of mentorship and the power of representation. I hope students feel like they have someone in their corner that is going to help uplift their voices and concerns, give professional development and mentorship, and help them thrive in their graduate program, not just survive.

What are your hopes for the future of the DREAM Office?

My hope as our office becomes fully staffed is to become more proactive with our services and support so that we take on the labor and students get to enjoy being students. I think our team has many talents and gifts and I would love to cultivate those talents and see our programs change and adapt based on talent and need.