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Welcome new EHS faculty member Heather Tallis

Heather Tallis, PhD

Environmental Health Sciences students, faculty and staff are excited to welcome the newest addition to our faculty: Visiting Professor Heather Tallis. Please join us in welcoming her to EHS!

Heather Tallis is a visiting professor at the School of Public Health. She holds an MS in Oceanography from UC Santa Cruz, a MSc in Marine Sciences from the University of Otago, and a PhD in Zoology and Biogeochemistry from the University of Washington. Prior to joining UC Berkeley, she was global managing director and lead scientist for strategy innovation at the Nature Conservancy, the largest environmental nonprofit in North America.

Tallis has a passionate drive for solving problems that affect both people and the environment. She uses multidisciplinary approaches to create more equitable and sustainable pathways through some of our most pressing global challenges including climate change, food system transformation and water security.

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