Ann Keller PhD

Associate Professor
Community Health Sciences

Ann C. Keller is an Associate Professor of Health Politics and Policy whose research projects focus on exploring the nature and use of scientific and technical expertise in public decision making.

Ann C. Keller is Associate Professor of Health Politics and Policy at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. Keller received her Ph.D. in political science from Berkeley (2001) and her B.A. in math and political science from Indiana University (1991). Keller’s training also includes a two-year postdoctoral fellowship with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholars in Health Policy Research Program. Keller studies the politics of science and expertise in public policy, focusing on environmental, health and technological innovation. Recent publications focus on how politics shapes aspects of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. She is currently Principal Investigator of a grant funded by the National Science Foundation’s Science of Science and Innovation Policy studying public sector responses to CRISPR/Cas-9 and automated vehicle innovations. She is also researching the effects of hyperpolarization on executive branch agency capacity and studies the management challenges involved in responding to infectious disease outbreaks.

  • PhD – Political Science, UC Berkeley, 2001
  • MA – Political Science, UC Berkeley, 1993
  • BA – Mathematics and Political Science, Indiana University, 1991
  • Managing expertise in public health organizations (CDC, FDA, EPA, DOT)
  • Science in environmental policy making
  • Executive branch effects of political polarization
  • Patient interest group advocacy; healthcare politics
  • Organization and expertise in pandemic response
  • PH 220: Health Policy Decision Making
  • PH 220F: Politics, Policy and Democracy in Environmental Health
  • PH 230: Advanced Health Policy Analysis (Ph.D. Seminar)
  • PH 293: Health Policy in the United States: Expertise, Interests, and Institutions (Ph.D. Seminar)