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Given the complexities involved in health system reform, advancing equity, and being good stewards of scarce resources, there has been an increased demand for professionals who have skills in applied managerial decision-making in the healthcare sector.

Effectively managing a diverse array of organizations that operate in this sector requires specialized knowledge and expertise in several key disciplines, including an understanding of organizational and financial structures within organizations, as well as experience with strategic planning and implementation.

The new Graduate Certificate in Health Management from the Health Policy and Management Division at the School of Public Health supports graduate students at UC Berkeley in developing these critical competencies through a comprehensive trio of toolkit courses that focus on skill-building, frameworks, and applied learning. These courses complement a wide range of existing degree programs and will appear on official graduate transcripts.


You will take a comprehensive suite of three toolkit courses from the Health Policy & Management curriculum:

  • PH224: Organizational Behavior and Management in Health Care (Fall)
  • PH223: Strategic Management in Healthcare (Spring)
  • PHW227A: Healthcare Finance (Spring)

Eligibility and Requirements

Students must:

  • Be currently enrolled in a UC Berkeley graduate program
  • In good academic standing: GPA of 3.0 or better
  • The three courses (totaling 9 units) must be taken for a letter grade
  • No course substitutions; all three required courses must be completed

Certificate Completion

There is currently no application requirement for the Graduate Certificate in Health Management. However, there is a completion form. Fill out the Certificate Completion Form within 2 weeks of the start of your final course or your final semester if all the courses are completed.

Completion of the Graduate Certificate in Health Management will be noted on the memorandum section of your official transcript (not the diploma). Final grades will be verified prior to award of the certificate.


For more information please direct questions about the certificate or its courses to Kristine Doss, HPM Program Manager,