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Admissions/FAC has agreed to extend the GRE optional requirement for the next 2 application cycles (Fall 2021, Fall 2022). In other words, the GRE is optional for the following two cycles – you will not be required to submit GRE scores but will still have the option to.

Only UC Berkeley Undergraduate Public Health majors graduating 2017 or later, who have completed all requirements before August of the application year, will be eligible to apply for this program.

The 4+1 is an accelerated Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program for those who have completed the Undergraduate Public Health BA program at UC Berkeley. There are three participating programs within the school aligned with the 4+1 program:

  • Epidemiology/Biostatistics
  • Public Health Nutrition
  • Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health

Those qualifying for this program can contact an advisor at for more information. For Public Health undergraduates, there is an information session offered each semester with the Undergraduate Faculty Advisor and Program Managers. This program is only open to a select population, and details of the curriculum are highly specific to the applicant. More detailed information will be provided upon review of applicant eligibility and intent.

Applicants who are not admitted to the 4+1 program may be directed by an advisor to a similar two-year program at Berkeley Public Health.


4+1 MPH Unit Worksheet

Please see the PDF Link below to include with your SOPHAS application. Reach out to your program manager or if you have any questions.

4+1 Unit Worksheet

OOMPH Student Gateway Ticket formTesting 1-2-3

This form is for requesting updates/changes to the OOMPH Student Gateway site. Go there to say what you want.