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Online MPH applicants:  There are multiple application cycles for the Online MPH program throughout the year. Visit our Online MPH website for more information about the application dates and deadlines, list of requirements, and instructions on how to apply.

Joint Medical Program applicants: Go to the JMP Admissions page for program-specific application information, as well as dates, deadlines, and requirements for the JMP.

The dates and deadlines for the Summer/Fall 2024 on-campus application cycle are below.

For the on-campus graduate program, 11-month applicants are admitted for the summer term only. For all other on-campus programs, students are admitted for the fall term only. We do not accept applications on a rolling basis.

**SOPHAS applicants- Please note that while the website SOPHAS lists December 1, 2023 as the deadline to apply, Berkeley School of Public Health applicants have until Monday, December 4 at 11:59pm EST (8:59pm PST) to submit their application in SOPHAS**

***SOPHAS applicants do not need to resubmit application materials and documents to their Berkeley Grad applications. Once the fee for the Berkeley Grad application has been paid and submitted, all of the materials you send through SOPHAS will be relayed over to your Berkeley Grad application. Please allow 3-4 business days for processing***

The SOPHAS Application will become available August 16. Visit to make an account. In order to submit a SOPHAS application, you will need to include a UC Berkeley Graduate Applicant ID, which won’t become available until September 15. However, you may begin your SOPHAS application and prepare your supplemental materials.

The following programs do not require a SOPHAS application:

  • Biostatistics MA

  • Biostatistics PhD

  • Epidemiology PhD

  • Environmental Health Sciences PhD

  • Health Policy PhD

  • Infectious Diseases PhD



  • Online MPH

The UC Berkeley Graduate Application is require for all applicants and will open on September 15. SOPHAS applicants will only be required to complete a truncated version of the form.

Applicants who apply by the priority deadline will be given the highest priority for admissions and consideration for scholarships and assistantships. This is the recommended deadline for all applicants.

To meet this priority deadline, Berkeley Public Health’s Admissions Office recommends you request test scores be sent by early October and submit your SOPHAS application in early November. This allows time for SOPHAS to process your application.

We will not penalize you for submitting your application on the last day of the deadline. However, we highly recommend that you submit your application earlier so you can resolve any technical difficulties and/or correct any errors found by SOPHAS (e.g. transcript discrepancies) before our first batch of applications are released for review.

Applications submitted after December 4 will not be accepted, unless the program offers a secondary deadline (see below).

In the event that the following programs are not full*, applications will be accepted until March 4:

  • Interdisciplinary (11-month MPH)
  • Public Health Nutrition (11-month and 2-Year MPH)

If your program/degree of interest is not listed above, it is not eligible for the secondary deadline.

If you would like to apply for the secondary deadline, please email, as we will have to manually extend the deadline in our application portal for you.

*Applying for the second round does not guarantee that your application will be reviewed. It will only be reviewed in the case that the program did not fill all of its slots in the priority round.

I submitted my application by the deadline, but recently received a notice from SOPHAS indicating that my application is “undelivered” and that I need to take action and “resubmit” my application. Will that impact my application submission date?

No, as long as you originally submitted your application by the deadline, your application will still be eligible for review. When your application is “undelivered,” that means that the SOPHAS verification team noticed some errors in the self-reported course entry portion of your application and/or there are other parts of your application that you need to fix. Address these issues and resubmit your application to SOPHAS as soon as possible so they can complete the verification process. Just make sure you follow their instructions and complete all of the requested tasks in a very timely manner and resubmit your application to SOPHAS. This will not change your original submission date.


Does my application have to be verified by the application deadline?

No. As long as you have submitted your application by the deadline, it is okay if your application is in queue for verification and gets verified shortly after the deadline. Just be sure to regularly check your application to ensure all of your supplemental materials have arrived. If all of your supplemental materials have not arrived, follow up to make sure they arrive in a timely manner so this submission process does not impact your verification period. It is your responsibility to ensure your application is complete and ready for review. See our Application Instructions page for a complete list of our application requirements.


I submitted my application by the deadline but some of my supplemental materials (like letters of recommendation or test scores) have not yet been received by SOPHAS. Will you still review my application?

We will still review your application as long as your letters of recommendation, test scores, and transcripts or transcript evaluations are received by December 14.