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Online MPH Admissions and Financial Information

We invite dynamic mid-career professionals to join our diverse community of changemakers. Together, we’ll address pressing issues such as healthcare access, food security, policy reform, and maternal health.

Apply today and be part of the solution!

All information provided on this page is specific to the Berkeley Public Health Online MPH program. If you are not applying to the Online MPH program, return to the admissions landing page and select the appropriate link to access the admissions page for your intended program.

Application Requirements

  • Online Application

    All applicants to Berkeley Public Health Online MPH should complete the online Slate Application.

  • Unofficial Transcripts for all college-level coursework

    Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution.

    Applicants must upload unofficial electronic transcripts for all college-level coursework, including your bachelor’s degree, any advanced degree(s), and any coursework taken at community colleges.

    Any courses taken while studying abroad must be submitted from the participating institution. Abroad courses listed only on the transcript where you received your degree will not be sufficient.

    All Transcripts (including unofficial electronic transcripts) need to show the following:

    • Your name
    • University or college name
    • Degrees conferred
    • Degree conferral date
    • Course names
    • Course grades
    • GPA
  • GPA

    Advanced GPA

    Domestic applicants should demonstrate a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) for all coursework completed after the first two years of undergraduate study.

    The first two years of coursework can be considered either the first two calendar years of consecutive full-time coursework OR the first 60 units.

    Please use the Advanced GPA Calculator (US and Canadian students only) to determine your Advanced GPA.

    Graduate GPA (if applicable)

    If you have completed prior graduate level coursework, you should also demonstrate a 3.0 GPA for all graduate coursework

    What if my GPA is less than 3.0?

    All applications are reviewed through a holistic review process. If your undergraduate or Advanced GPA does not meet the 3.0 minimum, you may still submit an application. Please provide alternative evidence of other academic and professional accomplishments to demonstrate your capability to be successful in an academically rigorous environment. Alternative evidence may include courses you have successfully completed as work-related training or GRE scores.

    Given the key role of statistics and data analysis in public health, you may consider including information about your quantitative preparation in relation to course work or professional experience.

    If there are aspects of your academic preparation that you believe could benefit from further explanation or context, please submit a separate statement or consider incorporating this information in your personal history statement.

    Please feel free to email for guidance or schedule a phone appointment here.

  • Quantitative Preparation

    Quantitative preparation is a crucial component of ensuring success in the required first-year courses and will be evaluated as part of the holistic admission review. While we don’t expect every student to be a biostatistician, a foundational understanding of key quantitative concepts is necessary for effectively navigating the curriculum.

    In the first-year required coursework, students will encounter a range of quantitative topics including: descriptive statistics; graphical displays of data; introduction to probability; discrete probability distributions, including the binomial distribution; expectations and variance of random variables; normal distribution; sampling distributions of means and proportions and the Central Limit Theorem; confidence intervals and tests for means, differences of means, proportions, differences of proportions; chi-square tests; Introduction to regression and correlation.

    Evaluation of Quantitative Preparation

    Quantitative preparation is evaluated holistically by considering:

    • Prior coursework, with an emphasis on statistics or mathematics courses, completed with a grade of B+ or higher.


    • Relevant quantitative work experience.

    If you need to meet this requirement, we recommend taking a statistics course offered through your local community college or Berkeley Extension’s Introduction to Statistics. If you have prior quantitative coursework or work experience but would like to take a refresher course, we recommend Coursera’s Introduction to Statistics.

  • Statement of Purpose

    Your statement of purpose (1,000 words) should describe your career goals and how this program will meet your professional aspirations. If you are entering the field, tell us about your public health interests and the skills you wish to acquire during your program of study. Please also describe how you hope or expect to contribute to improving public health in your future professional endeavors.

    Here are some best practices from the DREAM Office and the UC Berkeley Graduate Division on how to write the statement of purpose.

  • Personal History Statement

    Your personal history statement (1,000 words) should describe who you are, your family background, the experiences that make you a unique individual and your connection and motivation for working in public health. This essay supplements the statement of purpose and should leave the admissions committee with a better understanding of you as a person.

    Here are some best practices from the DREAM Office and the UC Berkeley Graduate Division on how to write the personal history statement.

  • Resume or CV

    Applications must include a resume or CV.

    Prior work experience, preferably in health sector related activities, is desirable, but not required.

    Resumes should include:

    • Educational degrees
    • Employment experiences
    • Experiences (especially those that are public-health related)
    • Professional skills and accomplishments
    • Volunteer activities (specify any leadership roles)
  • Documentation of Work Experience

    Berkeley Public Health Online MPH recommends at least two years of prior work experience. Please provide verification of your work experience by submitting any one of the following options:

    • Employment verifications from HR representatives
    • Onboarding letter
    • Paystub or tax stub

    Please redact any sensitive information such as your social security number or bank routing number.

    If you do not have 2 years of prior work experience, please provide documentation of an equivalent amount of volunteer or internship experience. Volunteer or internship experiences should be aligned with public health and demonstrate leadership.

  • Three Letters of Recommendation

    We require a minimum of three letters of recommendation to be submitted electronically.

    1. At least one reference should focus on your academic potential, ideally from a former professor or someone who can speak to your intellectual or academic capacity.
    2. At least one reference should focus on your professional potential, such as a current or former employer or supervisor.
    3. Your third letter of reference may be either academic or professional.
    4. Recommendation letters must be in English.

    Recommenders may include:

    • Personal impressions of your intellectual ability
    • Promise of productive scholarship
    • Capacity for analytical thinking and research
    • Writing and reasoning skills
    • Potential to succeed in the public health profession
    • Quality of your previous work
    • How you approach and complete projects
    • Comments on your character
    • Obstacles you may have had to overcome to attain your educational and professional goals (economic, social, cultural, educational, etc.)

    Requesting Recommendations

    In the application’s Recommendations section, enter the contact information for each recommender and send the email requests. (If your recommender does not receive the request, contact our Admissions Coordinator.)

    Recommenders will upload letters directly to your application. Please notify your recommenders to look out for the email request with instructions.
    You can submit your application before your letters are uploaded. However, we encourage you to follow up with your recommenders to ensure that they submit their letters before the deadline.

    Note: The Letterbanc service cannot be used for this program.

  • Test Scores

    GRE Scores

    GRE scores are optional and not required, however, the GRE may provide additional information about an applicant’s academic preparation. If you plan to submit GRE scores, send official GRE test scores through Educational Testing Service (ETS) to code #4833.


    If you plan to submit TOEFL scores, send official test scores through Educational Testing Service (ETS) to code #4833.


    If you are submitting IELTS scores, it must be sent electronically from the testing center, no institution code is required.

  • Application Fee

    If you are a U.S. citizen or current permanent resident, the application fee is $135; for all others, the fee is $155.

    Fee Waiver

    U.S. citizens or permanent residents who demonstrate financial need or have participated in an eligible program may apply for an application fee waiver. See guidelines for waivers here.

International Applicants

International students are an important part of the UC Berkeley community and contribute a unique global perspective. Over the past year, the Berkeley campus welcomed thousands of international students as well as thousands of international visiting scholars. Visit the UC Berkeley Graduate Division Resources and Services page the for more information on international applicant requirements.

In addition to the above application requirements, international applications must also submit the following:

  • Translated Transcripts

    English translations are required for transcripts in all languages except Spanish. English versions must be issued by the degree-awarding institution or by a certified ATA translator. The ATA number must appear on the certification to be considered, and notary certification is not acceptable.

    We strongly recommend including a WES ICAP course-by-course credential evaluation in addition to your translated transcripts. Transcript translation can not be completed by WES .

    If you have extenuating circumstances preventing you from obtaining transcripts, contact our admissions coordinator.

  • Degree Certificate

    Degree certificate(s) must include the degree/ title awarded and conferral dates in the original language and in English translation.

  • GPA Requirements

    International students are not required to submit a GPA if grades are not scored using the system presumed in the general admissions requirements.

  • Evidence of English Language Proficiency

    All applicants who have completed a basic degree in a country/region in which the official language is not English are required to submit official evidence of English language proficiency.

    There are two standardized tests you may take: the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), and the Academic International English Language Testing System (Academic IELTS). Duolingo and USMLE are not accepted.

    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): a score of at least 90 for the Internet-based test (IBT) is required for admission.
      We accept the internet based (iBT) and iBT Home Edition. We do not accept the TOEFL ITP Plus for Mainland China.
    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS): An overall band score of at least 7 on a 9-point scale is required for admission.
      All IELTS scores must be sent electronically from the testing center, and no institution code is required. Our address for identification purposes is: University of California, Berkeley, Graduate Division, Sproul Hall Rm 318, MC 5900, Berkeley, CA 94720. Please do not mail any score reports to us.

    All test scores must be taken within the last 2 years. For Fall 2024, tests taken before June 1, 2022 will not be accepted even if your score was reported to UC Berkeley.

    TOEFL/IELTS Exemption

    To qualify for a TOEFL/IELTS exemption, you must fulfill one of the following options:

    • Have a basic degree from a recognized institution in a country where the official language is English.
    • Have completed a basic or advanced degree at an institution, in the United States or a United States institution abroad, where the language of instruction is English and the institution is accredited by one of the United States’ regional accrediting agencies.
    • Have completed at least one year of full-time academic course work with grades of B or better at a regionally accredited institution within the United States.*
    • The following courses do not qualify for an exemption: courses in English as a Second Language, courses conducted in a language other than English, courses that will be completed after applicants submit their application, or courses of a nonacademic nature.

    The TOEFL or IELTS must be submitted by applicants who do not meet the exemption criteria above.

  • Campus Visits

    The Online MPH program requires participation in two in-person campus visits. When selecting which admissions cycle to apply to, we recommend International applicants review US visa regulations and consider their home country’s timeline for processing visas.

Application Process

We are committed to a holistic and equitable review process and will review all applications received within the application deadline period equally. Our hope is to notify applicants on the status of their application 6–8 weeks after an application submission.

Application Dates and Deadlines

Berkeley Public Health’s Online MPH accepts applicants twice per year, in the fall and spring.

Application CyclePriority DeadlineFinal DeadlineInstruction Begins
Fall 2024
Opens September 13, 2023
January 7, 2024March 3, 2024August 2024
Spring 2025
Opens December 1, 2023
N/AAugust 8, 2024January 2025

Fees and Scholarships

The responsibility of financing the BPH Online program usually rests primarily with the student. Therefore, we strongly suggest that applicants investigate all available financing options. Please begin by exploring the scholarship opportunities compiled on this page as well as researching outside funding opportunities. International students are encouraged to explore funding opportunities in their home countries.

Program Fees

Online Program Fees$1478 per enrolled unit (as of January 2024)42 units are required for graduation (usually 3 units per course x 14 courses)$62,076
Campus Fees
UC Berkeley campus fees each semester
  • $790.25 fall
  • $790.25 spring
  • $419 summer
OOMPH is designed to be 7 semesters, assuming 5 fall or spring semesters and 2 summer semesters$4,790
BooksAbout half of the OOMPH courses require books.
Plan on about 7 books × $200 each
Travel1, 2 visits to UC Berkeley campus, total 15 days, travel + accommodationsThis cost is generally covered by the students.Variable
Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)Student health insurance is mandated by the university.

OOMPH students are automatically enrolled in SHIP and may opt out of if they have health insurance that meets the university mandate.
Computer / TechnicalCable/DSL broadband connection or better.

Reliable / fast internet is needed for streaming bCourses videos and participating in Zoom discussions.

See the Canvas Basics Guide for more details.
Student health insurance is mandated by the university.

OOMPH students are automatically enrolled in SHIP and may opt out of if they have health insurance that meets the university mandate.
Instructional Resilience and Enhancement Fee (IREF)$117.50 per semester

The tuition, fees, and charges displayed here are estimates based on currently approved amounts. These figures may not be final. Actual tuition, fees, and charges are subject to change by the Regents of the University of California.

Additional Program Costs

You are responsible for additional costs including books, visas and travel expenses related to the program’s required on-campus visits. You are also required to own or have access to a personal computer. You may request a loan from the UC Berkeley Financial Aid Office to cover the computer cost.

Financial Aid

Federal or private student loans are available. Apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and including UC Berkeley’s federal school code: 001312.

Financial Aid Guidelines

We suggest that you complete the FAFSA even if you are not sure you will need or want any aid from the UC Berkeley Financial Aid Office. You can decide later whether to accept aid for which you are eligible.

Please note: Graduate students are considered independent; parent information should not be included on your FAFSA.

Please be sure to submit your FAFSA by the priority deadline to ensure timely processing and the best financial aid package, including work-study awards, Perkins grants and Parent grants.

Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents may apply for funds administered by the UC Berkeley Financial Aid Office.

Financial Aid Notifications

In late April or May, the UC Berkeley Financial Aid Office will notify you about your award including information on disbursement of awards, how to make changes or appeals, and other options. You may also be asked to submit additional documents.

Questions? Consult the Graduate Award Guide on the UC Berkeley Financial Aid website.

Employer Sponsorship

When it comes to financing your degree, one option is to ask your employer for assistance. While your employer may be willing to support you, many companies don’t have a formal policy for reimbursement, or if they do, it may be vague or not well communicated.

However, many students can and do receive financial assistance from employers.


  • Rural Health Innovation

    More information about the Rural Health Innovation scholarship is available on the RHI information page.

    With a generous founding donation from the Barr-Campbell Family Foundation, we are able to offer 25 fully funded scholarships to Berkeley Public Health Online students. RHI Scholars are passionate about reshaping healthcare policies impacting rural communities, policies that enable rural Americans to access better care and healthy lives. Scholarships will cover:

    • Online program fees equal to the required 42 units
    • UC Berkeley campus fees
    • Summer visit (travel, dining, lodging)
    • Scholars are eligible to receive this award for a maximum of seven(7) semesters.

    To apply for this scholarship, each of the following requirements must be complete for consideration:

    • You have completed your online MPH application by August 8, 2024 for January 2025 start.
    • You have completed the ‘Documentation of Work Experience’ section in your online MPH application by uploading one document to verify your employment.
    • You have completed the ‘Relevant Info’ section in your online MPH application by uploading 1 document:
      • Response to: “Please describe your experience working in the area of rural health” (150 words)
      • Response to: “Please describe what you want to learn about public health through the master’s degree and how you see yourself applying your work experience as a Rural Health Innovation Scholar to address the two most pressing problems in your community. (Please identify the two pressing problems in your essay)” [up to 300 words]

    Please refer to our photo example of where to upload your documents.

    Visit the the RHI information page for more information.

  • Dean’s Health Equity and Leadership award for Online MPH Students

    On behalf of the School of Public Health and the Graduate Division, we are pleased to offer the Dean’s Health Equity and Leadership Award. This fellowship is in recognition of students’ achievements and contributions to public service as well as their future endeavors in the field of public health. Sponsored by the School of Public Health, recipients will be awarded in the amount equivalent to the cost of one(1) unit per semester. Awardees are eligible to receive this award for a maximum of seven(7) semesters.

    To apply for this award, each of the following requirements must be complete for consideration:

    • You have completed the ‘Economic Background’ in your online MPH application
    • You have completed your Online MPH application by the application deadline
    • You have completed the Dean’s Health Equity and Leadership Award in your online MPH application. This can be located in the Public Health Online Program section under ‘Department Fellowship’.
  • UC Berkeley Support Programs for Undocumented Graduate Students

    The Office for Graduate Diversity (OGD) serves the needs of Undocumented Graduate Students at UC Berkeley with resources offered both on- and off- campus.

    Read more about the Birgeneau Perleman Fund for Undocumented Students on the Berkeley Graduate Division website.