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A woman claiming a rock wall in a gym while wearing a face mask

San Francisco Bay Area’s COVID death rate was among the lowest in the nation. Here’s why

San Francisco Chronicle; Reports on paper co-authored by Dr. Maya Petersen

November 30, 2023

Fact check: Influenza is caused by a viral infection, contrary to post

USA Today; featuring Dr. John Swartzberg

March 20, 2023

When the doctor doesn’t listen

Coda; by David Tuller, senior fellow at the BPH Center for Global Public Health

February 2, 2023

COVID-19 spike protein could cause blood vessel leaks, possible organ failure

CBS News; featuring professor Eva Harris and postdoctoral scholar Scott Biering

December 14, 2022

Gov. Newsom announces plans to end California’s COVID-19 state of emergency

The Daily Californian; featuring Dr. John Swartzberg

October 20, 2022

New Covid variants could catch San Francisco off guard

The San Francisco Standard; featuring Dr. John Swartzberg

October 18, 2022