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The Other 80 Podcast

The Other 80 podcast — brought to you by Claudia Williams at UC Berkeley School of Public Health — hosts real, honest dialogue about the things that help keep people healthy beyond traditional medical care, like housing, social connections and food, and the cutting edge policies, research and programs supporting whole person health. Join former White House advisor, entrepreneur and host Claudia Williams for deep conversations with the innovators, implementers, researchers and policymakers bringing these new models to life. We’ll talk about what’s working, what’s not and how to move towards whole person health rapidly and equitably across the US.

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Health and Wellness Publications

The UC Berkeley School of Public Health’s Health and Wellness Publications offer a positive and actionable approach to a long, healthful life. Our experts carefully examine the latest health and wellness information so readers can make quality lifestyle choices and self-care decisions.

Like our academic programs, content provided through our wellness publications provides the “Berkeley Difference”—evidence-based health and wellness information that can help prevent disease and improve the health of the community.

All of our content is extensively reviewed by our Editorial Boards, comprised of School of Public Health faculty, Bay Area specialists, and faculty from the University of California, San Francisco. Our board members have scientific and academic expertise in nutrition and dietary supplements, sports medicine, mental health, and all major medical specialties covering a host of disease and wellness classifications.

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75th Anniversary Magazine

In 2018 we published a special print edition of Berkeley Health to celebrate 75 years of advancing health worldwide. We also maintain a digital version to honor the pioneers of public health from the past and present, and to showcase how they’ve shaped our values.

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