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The Other 80 Podcast

A podcast about how we build health — beyond medical care

Brought to you by Claudia Williams at UC Berkeley School of Public Health

The Other 80 podcast — brought to you by Claudia Williams at UC Berkeley School of Public Health — hosts real, honest dialogue about the things that help keep people healthy beyond traditional medical care, like housing, social connections and food, and the cutting edge policies, research and programs supporting whole person health. Join former White House advisor, entrepreneur and host Claudia Williams for deep conversations with the innovators, implementers, researchers and policymakers bringing these new models to life. We’ll talk about what’s working, what’s not and how to move towards whole person health rapidly and equitably across the US.

Host Claudia Williams is a healthcare executive and entrepreneur who is passionate about creating the conditions, policies, systems and learning to enable health for all. Claudia is currently the Chief Social Impact Officer at UC Berkeley School of Public Health. Previously, she was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Manifest MedEx – one of the nation’s largest health data sharing initiatives. She served as Senior Advisor for Health Innovation and Technology at the White House under President Obama, building policies and programs for care transformation, data sharing, and precision health. Claudia is a graduate of Harvard’s Chan School of Public Health, where she earned her MS degree in Health Policy and Management. Claudia served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana.