Brenda Eskenazi MA, PhD

Professor Emeritus

  • Director Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health (CERCH)

Brenda Eskenazi is the Director of the Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health.

Brenda Eskenazi is a professor of public health at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. She works locally and globally on the effects of environmental exposures on the health of children. She is interested in environmental exposures ranging from chemical exposure, such as pesticides and dioxins, to air pollution to climate change, and studies how these environmental exposures may interact with social adversities to affect the development of children. Her work tends to focus on populations who are of lower income and who may be at higher risk of adverse effects. Much of her research questions are answered by the conduct of birth cohort studies and she has engaged in or advised birth cohorts around the world.

  • PhD – Neuropsychology, Graduate School and University Center, City University of New York, 1979
  • MA – Psychology, Queens College, City University of New York, 1974
  • BA – Psychology, Queens College, City University of New York, 1971
  • Effects of environmental exposures to reproductive, perinatal, and children’s health
  • Reproductive and development effects of passive and active exposure to cigarette smoke, benzene, dioxin, and other persistent endocrine disruptors, and pesticides, as well as other agents on fetal and child health and reproductive health of men and women
  • Reproductive and pediatric epidemiology
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