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Edward T. F. ​Wei, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Pharmacology
Phone: (510) 642-0804
Address: University Hall #757
Berkeley, CA 94720


Dr. Edward T. F. Wei is a Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health. Dr. Wei’s research is focused on the effects of cooling agents on biological surfaces such as the eye, nose, throat and skin. He discovered the cooling properties of a molecule which he named icilin. Cooling agents may be used to counteract the irritant effect of small particles on the eye margins, the nasal cavity, and the throat. One of his invented molecules, Cryosim-1, is sold in South Korea as an anti-itch gel.

Research Interests

  • Pharmacology of cooling agents
  • Drugs for asthenopia and dry eye disorders
  • Drugs for treatment of loss of nasal patency in allergic rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, and the common cold
  • Drugs for cough, indigestion, and non-cardiac chest pain
  • Therapy for skin itching and other dysesthesias


  • PhD – University of California, San Francisco, 1969