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Sandrine ​Dudoit, PhD

Associate Dean for the Faculty and Research, Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society
  • Professor, Department of Statistics
  • Professor, Division of Biostatistics
  • Member, Center for Computational Biology
  • Faculty Affiliate, Berkeley Institute for Data Science

Sandrine Dudoit is a Professor of Biostatistics and Statistics. Her work is motivated by statistical inference questions arising in biological and medical research. Recent projects include the development of statistical methods and software for discovering novel cell types and for the study of stem cell differentiation using single-cell transcriptome sequencing (RNA-Seq).
View Sandrine Dudoit's full bio on the Berkeley Statistics website.
Available for Advising
Address: Evans Hall #367
Berkeley, CA 94720

Research Interests

  • Data science
  • Statistical machine learning
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • High-dimensional inference
  • Loss-based inference with cross-validation, e.g., classification, regression and model selection
  • Cluster analysis/Unsupervised learning
  • Statistical computing
  • Design and analysis of high-throughput gene expression experiments


  • PhD – Statistics
    University of California, Berkeley, 1999
  • MS – Mathematics
    Carleton University, 1994
  • BS – Mathematics
    Carleton University, 1992


Courses Taught

    • PH C240C-D / STAT C245C-D
    • Computational Statistics with Applications in Biology and Medicine I and II