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Center for Public Health Practice and Leadership

RISE: Berkeley Public Health Careers and Leadership Office

Formerly known as Center for Public Health Practice and Leadership (CPHPL), we are now known as the RISE: Berkeley Public Health Career & Leadership Office. In short, RISE Office! RISE  is pronounced /rīz/ and is a standalone name that is not an acronym.  As reflected in the definition for the verb “rise”, we remain deeply committed to bridging the gap between students’ academic training and professional interests and goals.  We also aim to help elevate the impact that our community partners and leaders in the field are making as they address pressing public health priorities.

Our goals are to help students:

  • Discern or refine what they want to do;
  • Develop practical skills, experience, and connections to
    achieve their goals; and
  • Be inspired, get a meaningful job, and take action to make a difference in public health.

We fulfill our mission through the following offerings:

Practicum: We provide wraparound support to MPH and DrPH students for the required applied practice experience. Dedicated staff members and Field Consultants help students find and select an internship that best matches their professional interests, skill needs, and objectives.

Career Services: We offer a full range of resources designed to support students and alumni at all points along the employment path, from their first days at Berkeley Public Health and throughout their careers. We offer career counseling, workshops, programs, and other events.

Leadership Development: In order to develop diverse leaders in public health, we offer programs that provide action-based learning and promote diversity in the public health workforce, including an annual Leadership Day, Leadership Boot Camps, support for student groups, the Leadership Toolkit, the Kaiser Permanente Health Scholars Program, and the Advocacy Initiative.