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The School of Public Health Student Government is a group of public health students who act as a liaison between the students and the administration and faculty. It functions as a communication vehicle between these entities to involve and inform students of ongoing activities and decision-making at the School.

Get Involved

  • We’re always interested in connecting with people who would like to plan events for the BPH community—contact us if you have ideas!
  • If you are interested in any of the committees run by the School, let us know and you can attend with a BPHSG representative.
  • Each fall semester, we begin looking for motivated first-year students to become involved as interim members and to start full-time in the spring semester for a better transition.

2020-2021 Student Government Representatives


Graduate Student Representatives

  • Avery Richards
  • Jamie Zhou
  • Jessica Ross
  • Michaela Taylor
  • Nadia Safaeinili
  • Nathalie Lopez
  • Nicholas Murdock
  • Pooja Iyer
  • Sarah Figueroa
  • Sarah Han
  • Sophie Manoukian
  • Whitney Francis
  • Xenia Mendez

Undergraduate Student Representatives

  • Felicia Zhornitsky
  • Guz Guzman Gomez
  • Moonisha Huq
  • Oscar Ramos