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We are currently accepting applications for several staff and academic positions. Please share with anyone in your network who may be interested in joining the BPH community!


  • Administrative Manager, Joint Medical Program (Project/Policy Analyst 4)—#40992
  • Curriculum & Course Planner, Education Operations (Curriculum Specialist 3)—#41486
  • Events Manager, Dean’s Office, Communications & Marketing (Events Specialist 3)—#42964
  • Executive Director, OOMPH Program (Academic Program Management Officer 4)—#42921
  • Instructional Designer, OOMPH Program (Instructional Designer 2)—#42383
  • Lab Assistant III, Harris Lab—#33773
  • Program Manager, Epidemiology & Biostatistics (Student Services Advisor 3)—#43233
  • Research Assistant, Fernald Research Group (Project/Policy Analyst 2)—#43149
  • Research Data Analyst, Center for Targeted Machine Learning (RDA3)—#42049
  • Staff Research Associate, Innovations for Youth (SRA1)—#41480
  • Forum for Collaborative Research, located in Washington, DC:
    • Program Coordinator (Administrative Assistant 3)—#39458
    • Research Associate (Project/Policy Analyst 2)—#27298
    • Senior Research Associate (Project/Policy Analyst 3)—#42396


  • Assistant Professor, Community-Based Intervention Research to Promote Health Equity—#JPF03547
  • Assistant Professor of Cooperative Extension, Climate Resilience and Labor—#JPF03575
  • Assistant Professor, Environmental Justice and Health Equity—#JPF03546
  • Assistant Professor – Quantitative Health Policy Analysis— #JPF03541
  • Assistant Professor/Assistant Researcher, Reproductive and Maternal and Child Health—#JPF03593
  • Lecturer Pool, Residential and Online Instruction—#JPF03431

Student Positions

Search for full-time or part-time jobs, fellowships, internships, GSI/GSR, and volunteer opportunities using the Public Health Leadership and Experience Exchange (PHLEX).

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