Health Policy and Management

Impact population health at a systems level.

Healthcare is a fast-paced, continually evolving field of policy, economics, finance and law. We educate both high-impact practitioners in the healthcare policy and management as well as researchers with a focus on the healthcare industry and health policy. Our students take courses in policy, economics, finance, management and law, while specializing in policy or management, or a combination of both for careers in research, healthcare delivery or management positions.


Health Policy and Management MPH Programs

Through a curriculum that covers policy analysis, strategic management, information technology, economics, disease prevention, and law and ethics, we prepare graduates for leadership roles in healthcare management positions in a range of settings, from healthcare delivery to governmental and nonprofit agencies.

Master’s in Health Policy and Management (One-year MPH)

Master’s in Health Policy and Management (Two-year MPH)

Health Policy PhD Program

Health policy is an interdisciplinary field that examines the organization and financing of health systems and services, the impact of health policies on population health, and the economic, social and behavioral determinants of health. We prepare students for research careers in health policy and health services research, teaching, and public service in university, governmental and public policy settings.

PhD in Health Policy

Concurrent Health Policy Degrees

The School of Public Health has established concurrent degree programs with other schools and departments on campus that allow students to take advantage of the unique opportunities for interdisciplinary study that Berkeley offers. In these programs, students follow a carefully designed curriculum that allows them to complete the requirements for two degrees in less time than is normally required to complete the two degrees separately.

MBA / MPH with the Haas School of Business

MPP / MPH with the Goldman School of Public Policy

Online MPH, Health Policy and Management Concentration

This is a two year online master of public health in health policy management program.

We train students to identify the social determinants of health in order to design, implement and evaluate policies and interventions geared towards improving the health of individuals and communities. This online 27-month program is designed to prepare working professionals for rapid career growth.

Public Health Online

Health Policy and Management Faculty

Emeriti Faculty

Part Time Lecturers